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Electric Eels are yo friendz.

“Shock me like an electric eel.”

~ Andrew VanWyngarden on Electric Eels

Invented by Thomas Edison, it is Native to the South American on-line retailer Amazon, the electric eel is a curious creature, and is closely related to the petrol eel, the diesel eel, the liquefied petroleum gas eel, the cold fusion eel, and the newly discovered solar power eel, which is less of an eel and more of a overgrown worm. The Electric eel is also distantly related to Mike, that one guy.


The electric eel's habitat in the wild is largely limited to all along the eastern shore and all along the western front, where 120V AC electrical points can be found in abundance. Eels will rarely stray from their home electrical point, with the exception of the cordless eel, which can run for approximately four hours after as little as one hour on a DC battery charger.

Electric eels tend to prefer a strong current and normally may be found swimming not far beneath the sinusoidal waves.

Electric eels are often harnessed as a source of unlimited hydroelectric power.

Electric eels as pets[edit]

The electric eel makes a great pet for those who do not have enough space for an electric cat or dog. Potential European electric eels owners should be aware that most eels are imported from South America, and will require modification or a transformer to drop the 220-240V mains supply in their homes down to the 120V required by the eels.

The eel will need to be connected to an earthed outlet, and connected with a fuse of appropriate rating (the UL-rated power requirements of an individual eel can be found stamped on the eel's underbelly). Care must be taken to ensure that the eel has an ample power supply at all times.

A computer UPS may be connected to allow for power outages, although in areas where power is likely to be interrupted for long periods, some sort of backup generator may be prudent. It is suggested that eel owners who employ cleaners or other contractors in their homes label the mains outlet clearly to avoid disasters where vacuum cleaners or other appliances have been plugged in instead of the eel.

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