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It is a common fail amongst all people in this world that Elephants and Mice are, in fact, separate creatures. Mice = small Elephant = huge as hell However, this theory was shattered when contemporary zoologist Samuel L. Jackson formulated the hypothesis that elephants and mice are, in fact, one and the same creature.

Elephants being afraid of mice - that's what they want you to believe

The Theory[edit]

"Well, these elephants wait til you ain't lookin', and them BAM!! They just turn into these mice. Damn" - Samuel L. Jackson

What Samuel meant by this theory is that elephants morph into mice when not under the speculation of the human eye. How exactly they morph is a question of much debate, and the question has caused much segregation amongst the Mormons who believe in this theory.

  • Natural Transformation Theorists believe that the transformation from elephant to mouse, and vice-versa, happens as naturally as the growing of an infant or the opening of a flower's bud. However, this theory has been dismissed as being silly.
  • Mechanic Transformation Theorists believe that small mechanisms exist within the elephants/mice, so that they biologically transform when in takes their fancy. This is similar to Transformers, a theory which is also widely discredited for being silly.
  • Unquestioned Existentialists argue that there is no direct way that elephants turn into mice, they just do! This is the most widely embraced theory, because it accounts for all perspectives by dismissing them.
  • The Marriage and "Mouse to Elephant Transmogrification" argues that the mouse, when kept for a while, will invariably transform into an ELEPHANT!
An elephant/mouse couple sharing an intimate moment. This would be easier if they were both in the same form

Elephant-Mouse Awareness[edit]

There is a great deal of ignorance that still exists today as to the transformation of elephants to mice. This is most commonly because there is no conclusive evidence as to this theory.

However, another theorist, Professor Chris Rock - a contemporary of Mr. Jackson's - stated: "We don't need no proof, bitch! It's all good shit."

Although he is believed to have been under the influence of crack at the time, what Mr. Rock is believed to have meant is that belief is sometimes evidence enough to prove a theory. The hypothesis has not been proved, but neither has it been disproved. This, to many, is proof enough that elephants and mice are the same creature.

In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the important thing - therefore proving that elephants and mice are, in fact, one and the same Oscar Wilde

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The photographer was lucky to catch this on camera!

An elephant caught mid-morph into its mouse alter-ego!! Amazing footage!

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