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Some eleventeen year old trying to write out eleventeen in Paint while smoking crack.

“I hate it when people put quotes about me on short pages to make them seem cooler than they are.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Short Pages

Eleventeen comes after sixty-nine and before twelfteen (regardless of what less than most people almost say). It was created when Hitler smoked crack eleventeen times. It is a common misconception that if you smoke pot you will be eleventeen, but smoking pot just makes you a hippie. Everyone knows that you only become eleventeen after you smoke crack.

You know, even the so-called experts at a second-rate site like Wikipedia have the sense not to have an article with the title Eleventeen. Really, why would they?

What People Have to say about eleventeen[edit]

  • BobA.K.A(The Poetic Emo of epic porportions) says:Hi I'm Bob! See me run! I can fly! Take away my crack, I will cry!
  • That Guy On The Cereal Box says: Remember you just don't do eleventeen, eleventeen is a way of life! Now where's that frickin' leprechaun with my frickin' Lucky Charms cereal box!!!
  • Eleventeen Person says:Love me hate me that is the question, Either way it's still an obsession! P.S. I OWN 11! P.P.S. I also OWN 12!
  • Hitler says:"We apologize, we have just been informed that Hitler will not be avalible for comment. He has just been faced with a MASSIVE crisis! How to deal with the morbidly deppressed Nazis morbidly depressed state; over the fact that no one will sleep with them!.
  • Superman says:Nothing you idiot! He's tied up in my closet!!!
  • Scooby-Doo says: Ruut Roo Raggy! Red and raphnie rave reen rone a roooong rime!.....
  • Michael Jackson says: I like eleventeen year olds...
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Imaginary Numbers says: Eleventeen is for life, not just for Christmas.

What People Have to say about eleventeen after smoking crack[edit]

  • Eleventeen Person says:Wooooow maaaaan....liiike....I just feeeel sooo....yoooouuu knnooow...liiike.....heeeaavvy.....
  • Hitler when high says:Dance Monkeys Dance! We must have cheese we must have cheese! A Toast, a Toast!!!
  • You on crack:........"Duhhh you don't say anything, cause your now BRAINDEAD YAY!!! Think of all that money you can save that would otherwise have been wasted on education!!!!

Everyone's Happy!!!!

What People Have to say about eleventeen after not smoking crack for three days[edit]

  • An Addict says:Where's my Fucken crack?....Twitch...Twitch....Vomit.....
  • A kitten says:Who said I was a person? *smokes crack* I have fingers?


"Remember Numbers are useless, I mean Face it you'll never need to "count" in the "real" world! Instead you should spend your valuable time and energy learning REEEAAAAL and USEFULL skills, such as miming,hotwiring, and elephant roping! These are the things, of which successful careers are made of!"