Elf Destruct Mode

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This article might offend Penguins, and should turned off by all ASIO agents now!

Condition of Mammals when encountering Australian customs officials for the first time.

Considerable efforts have been made to see that Australian borders are lined with milk, honey and wensleydale cheese by the car-park cleaner John Howard.

Excellent as fly traps, the Australian Borders have large numbers of beer spilling, slit eyed dark skinned border patrols, personally hand picked by Pauline Pantsdown.

And so, they set sail for the Terrible Southern Land. They did not get there for many a year, the time unit of the Elfs. Upon a-spying the Statue de la Claus they summarily sought out to destroy the symbol of their former slave master. The event was broadcast on CNN and deliberately not broadcast on Fox News Channel. In his silken throne cupboard Santa Claus was all like "fuck that shit" and ordered their swift detonation from afar. Rudolph and the Super Rocket Rocket Power (Secret) Present Team was deployed to Elf Center Prime to implant tiny electrodes that would enable the mode and their destruction. This mode was added to their existing modes which include Fine Grind, Defrost and Subtle Innuendo. Notably, Wise-ass mode was removed in this revision.

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