Elite hax0rs

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"In Soviet Russia, You are the n00b." - Stalin, on n00bism.

"In soviet Russia, We teh lost our elitorz Haxxez." - Lenin, on skillz.

"In Soviet Russia, h34lz M333!!`111111111111113225`" - n00blet.

"In Soviet Russia, all your base are belong to a noob." - fucking n00bcake eating mother fucker who disgraces a great internet saying.

"In Soviet Russia, we GO ON ALL DAY." - me on repeated quoting.

"In Soviet Russia, Elitez hax YOU!" - teh pwnerer.

"In Soviet Russia, n00bs pwn U!" - teh masterer.

"In Soviet Russia, I PWN U!" - teh me/pwnereracatorer.

"In Soviet Russia, CAKES EAT YOU" - lol.

"In Soviet Russia, Jenkins Leeroys you!" - oooh so much.

"In Soviet Russia, Roundhouse Kicks you!" - chuck norris on russia.

"In Soviet Russia, Kevin pwns you!" - eric jensen on life.

"In Soviet Russia, we have shinier toilets! Oh, pwntz0rz!!!///" -Russian IMer

"In Soviet Russia, we have Chuck Norris 2.0! H3 H4cK5!!!111" -Russian IMer

rofl, liek if some n00b were to pretantd to be g00d, u laod on ur teh leet hax0rz on and pwn their ass' beacuase tey leik n00b and wanna be g00d but they teh sux and we leetzorz are obligationated to teach them teh less0nz of lif.

0f c0urse liek pwning (pronounced "own," you damn n00bs) n00bs isnt hard cxuz they liek teh sux, and u no need teh hax, cuz you can teh pwn them unless u teh n00b and when u be teh n00b then i teh pwn u and teh n00b. but hax make it more easier ot liek pwn all teh n00blets in teh world, cuz its liek teh fastorz.

lol and liek incase u were n00blet and wondering waht leetzorz wrote dis, then u noobcopter should no, i am teh leetzorz nonhaxorz, because i am what hax try to bee, cuz i am teh leet, and thus elite haxxs are teh namet aft0r me.

DEFINITION. lol u got pwnt by liek a noob, because you not leet, in retrospect you decide you dont like being teh pwnt. So u download hax. Preferable hax named after me, and thus teh leet hax. then u pwn noobs, and pretend to be good, but then finally realize you are taken over by a machine then you computer grows arms and strangles you, then aimbots your family, and wallshots your best friend. be vary careful when dealing with hax teh namet aft0r me, because almost noone can handle teh mine skillzrz.

yeah, and if u b34t m3h, its ca11ed "luck", u fucking hax0rz!11/// XD