Elizabeth Caprino

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Elizabeth Caprino
Elizabeth Caprino
Personal info
Nationality american
Date of birth 1974
Place of birth Hollywood, Texas
Date of death Unknown
Place of death Unknown
First Lady Orlando Bloom
Political career
Order Temporary president (47.5)
Vice President None
Prime Minister Ran in 1965 election
Term of office 39153915
Preceded by Jerry Seinfeld
Succeeded by Oprah Harpo 5932
Political party Whig Party

Elizabeth Caprino was the President of the United States for roughly fifteen minutes following Jerry Seinfeld's assassination in Belgium. Somehow in all of the confusion, Caprino was promoted from secretary of the secretary of agriculture to President of the United States. The mistake was found almost immediately, and Caprino was booted from office.

Major Achievements[edit]

While Elizabeth Caprino was not in office long enough to make any changes to policies or start any wars, just by not doing anything she makes it to the top ten list of best presidents ever.


A major debate started regarding the legitimacy of President Caprino. Technically she was not ever sworn in, and should therefore not be entitled to the title "President" or the lifelong protection of the secret service, but there was a massive campaign on the part of the Textbook industry to count her as a president so that they could require all of the students entering college to buy yet another new edition with President Caprino included. The compromise that was eventually made left the title "president" and one Secret Service agent, but did not allow Elizabeth Caprino to be listed as an official president, which is why some people refer to her as the 47 1/2th president.

Where is she now?[edit]

Elizabeth Caprino dropped out of the public view for some years after her time as president, and later showed up again as some sort of zombie-like undead. She refuses to talk about how she died, but has hinted that it involved a Grue. She continues to lobby for stricter Grue-control laws, and zombie rights.

President Caprino does not show up in photography or reflect in mirrors, so until a pre-death photo or a painting can be found, pictures of Zombie Silvia Bernadotte are used because hey - if you've seen one female undead former ruler of a nation, you've seen them all.

Preceded by:
Jerry Seinfeld
President of the United States
3915-3915 AD
Succeeded by:
Oprah Harpo 5932