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Ellen Feiss is better known as the Queen of the Stone Age. She was born in 1829 to Oprah and Ronald Mcdonald. Ellen's last name came from the noise that Oprah's reproduction hole(aka vagina) made when she was giving birth.

Ellen mother fucking Feiss
Again with a bong

Ellen is a complete stoner. She smoke weed everyday. On April 20th, 1954, she smoked 4 times her body weight. In 2000, Ellen met Apple Computer founder Spock at a Gay Bar in Cancun, and after a torrid affair, got a job telling stories on the television. She smoked 4 ounces of pot then told a story of how Oprah's Vagina beeps shen she pees. This story was pass around the world faster than Rosie O'Donnell passes gas.