The Ghost of Elvis

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The Ghost of Elvis appears in a group of oblivious bystanders.

Yes, the rumors are true, Elvis has returned to the world of the living as a ghost. Because of this, Ghostbuster patrols have been increased to keep the ectoplasmic, former popstar from terrorizing the living. File:CaptureElvis.jpg The ghost of elvis is one of the most elusive ghosts in the world, second only to Skulker and King Boo. It is rumored that the ghost of elvis seems to have an obsession with haunting President Bush who already believes the tooth fairy, Pikachu, and Michael Jackson are real.

Are the rumors really true? If so, how can you tell?[edit]

You can tell if a rumor about the ghost of elvis appearing is true if the person telling you this shows you authentic video evidence. Also, if the person telling you the rumor about elvis's ghost is on drugs, is a hobo, or just has nervous twitches or seems crazy, they are most certainly lying to you about the ghost of elvis.

In reguard to the ongoing questioning of Ghost Elvis's motives for returning to the world of the living as a disembodied, ectoplasmic spirit[edit]

The reason Elvis has returned to the world of the living as a ghost is because he still has things to finish that he never finished in life such as writing and producing songs about his afterlife, huffing kittens, and making the movie Ghost Elvis: The Motion Picture. In an ironic twist, scaring people is not included on his afterlife to do list. Perhaps he has a passion for scaring people (as do most ghosts).

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