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What is embarrassing?[edit]

  • OK, so the guy I'm like totally jonesing over walked by and...OMG i farted and had my period....AT THE SAME TIME
  • When you break your glasses playing basketball.
  • Being an altar boy.
  • South Carolina
  • Using Wikipedia as a source.
  • The doorbell rings. But, oh no! You have just eaten an entire bag of Cheetos and your fingers are orange!
  • Admitting you are from Toronto
  • Somebody catches you trying to unload a body into the river.
  • Crumpets
  • You're feeling especially down on yourself, and you just lost your mittens. After having just left, you see a store, and say to yourself: "Hey, I'm out of cigarettes. Why don't I go buy some?" The clerk looks at you weird even though all you wanted was a pack of cigarettes. Then, after you get home, you realize a glob of cum is still on your face.
  • Coughing or sneezing and then you fart at the same time, but somebody heard.
  • George W. Bush

What isn't embarrassing?[edit]

Are these things embarrassing?[edit]

  • Smoking: No.
  • Yachts: Yes.
  • Eating: Usually.
  • Opoopaphones: Never.
  • Taking a shower: No.
  • Sex: Absolutely.

Who is most embarrassed?[edit]

  • Hamburgler (burgled too much)
  • If you spelled it "embarassed," then you.
  • Martians
  • Sometimes if someone's pants fall down, then they're most embarrassed