Emily Osment

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Emily Osment
Emily Osment
Emily Osment
Gender Female
Occupation Actress and singer
Born March 10th 1992 (aged 20)
Siblings Older brother, Haley Joel Osment
From Los Angeles, California
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“disney world sucks.”

~ Haley Joel Osment on Emily Osment

“ you know, sometimes... I don't believe I know you...”

~ Peter Griffin on Emily Osment

“ I see dead people”

~ Cole Sear on Emily Osment

Emily Jordan Osment (born 10th March 1992) is an American actress, singer, and song writer who plays instruments like the guitar, drums, etc. She is best known for her role in Hannah Montana on Disney channel.

Family and personal life[edit]

Main article: Haley Joel Osment

Emily Osment has an older brother named Haley Joel Osment, born in 1988.


Emily Osment started playing golf since she was before 9. She played with her brother at the time. Her brother joined a golf club and was very talented in it, but she wasn't as talented as her brother. This hasn't affected Osment's acting skills, she just treats this as a sport hobby.


At around 1997-2002 where she was like around 5-10 years old, her brother taught her how to act (as in acting). She first saw him in his early films, like: The Sixth Sense, Pay it Forward, A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Using that knowledge she has seen from him, at around 2000, she auditioned for several commercials and, if by any chance, films or television programs. She got lucky and starred in her first film, The Secret Life of Girls, as a main role character.

She rose to fame when she auditioned (and got the part) for the Hannah Montana TV series as a main character Lily Truscot. She also started her singing career, which she had when she was still a kid. Singing wasn't bad for her, it was actually pretty good. Directors of music videos saw this and let her start songwriting, and she wrote her first song Let's Be Friends, which was also her most famous single. Though it wasn't (views on youtube) a lot, it was still successful.

After years of Hannah Montana, she starred in other films (2011). By 2011, she had successfully posted more than 2 music videos, maybe 3 or 4. She also has a Personal Youtube account, written as a blog. Millions (below 5) watch it, and are up to date to her videos. With her music video Youtube account she also has one.

As in now, future films or television are still worked on, such as her current (animated) Television project as a lead role Kick Buttwoski.

Whilst making films, Emily Osment also carried on with her Discography, ie. Singing. With her new song, Lovesick, that was also one of her most famous songs she has written. As a song writer, singer, actress, she also became a voice actress, though she has never been on Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, (popular animated shows), she was still successful into her work.

Without any worries, she is now continuing on her career and future films that would be good or suitable for her. Now she's done with her acting career, she could continue on her singing. With her co-star on Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus, she also is a singer. In fact, the whole team sings. Osment could also learn from them and even maybe perform with them. However, she could be in solo all the time.


  • Lets be friends single
  • Lovesick single



Year Film Role Notes
1999 Secret life of girls Minor role
2011 Hannah Montana - The movie Lily Truscot Main role


Year Name Role Notes
1999 Spy girls Main role
2001 Friends Lenini M. Season 8 (The one with the haloween bitch)
2006-2011 Hannah Montana Lilly Truscot Main role
2011 Kick Buttowski Main role Voice

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