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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Emo?
Emlo and his gang of the other random Sesame Street evil twins. Don't they look happy?

Emlo is the popular kid's Tv series, Sesame Street's character Elmo's evil twin brother. His hobbies include molesting other Sesame Street characters and donkeys, killing things, smoking, drinking and eating the cookie monster's cookies. Due to the lack of cookies the Cookie Moster has been forced to order a pizza once a month and eat it. Before the monster digests it Cookie chucks up and eats it again.

Emlo is a manwhore in his spare time. He leaves creepy messages on Lewis' and Hugo's phones and pretends to be outide "waiting" for them... They were never seen again although there is much speculation that they are now working at a McDonalds in Taiwan.

Emlo is a Satanist (duh!), which is a main source of concern for diciples of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They tried to exorcise him, resulting in an evil spell that makes Hobart rain all the time and cows super intelligent. These super intelligent cows promtly built the a TARDIS and spent the rest of their days chasing daleks around the universe and smoking cigars. During this time they accidently destroyed the whole universe... but that's another story...

Henry Sucks You!.

Emlo was originally a resident of Sesamea Street, but he got sick of it when the neighbourhood kids started egging his cardboard box on the street. This was as revenge for him raping their donkeys. So Emlo packed up his belonging; his collection of knives, his Hello Kitty porn and a tasty looking kid. His whereabouts remained unknown for three years until he bought Takeshi's Castle..... Well, he didn't actually pay for it, he just sent the previous owners threatening to do "something" very BAD, if they didn't immediantly give it and 100 virgin donkeys to him.