Emo bashing

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Supermario is a well known emo basher

Emo Bashing is the one thing that you can do to prevent the over-population of these sick beings. Read to help people learn how to emo-bash; get your friends to join you... because if we don't unite against them, they will inherit popular culture. For if we strike one down, another one will fill her (not his, there are no "he"s) vans shoes.

Types of Bashing[edit]


The best way to bash emos is with a club.

Emo Bashing is an enjoyable recreational activity that can be enjoyed with family, friends or just by yourself. Many people proud to proclaim themselves emo bashers are angry teenage boys into metal known as metalheads. While less subculture educated emo-bashers would group metal listeners with emo kids, metalheads have their own distinct tribal identities, and conflation is regarded as a grave offense.


Verbal emo abuse is the weakest form of emo-bashing and is also the most common. University students are nine times more likely to choose this option because they are pathetically weak themselves and have lived in the suburbs all their lives.


The internet is a system of tubes that provides millions of pedophiles with access to hardcore animated child pornography from Japan. Apart from this the internet can also provide a cheap laugh or two. Replying to Youtube videos of emo bashing with messages like "Yeah kill those emos!" or "Death to emo faggots!" will make many emos cry and cut themselves. If this is repeated, they might take the bait, and the emo will cut a little too deep and finally kill itself.

Emo bashing as business and source of subsistence[edit]

Emo meat is a very tasty delicacy to metalheads. Emo pelt is a very precious material to the punks, used to create moccasins, parkas, parfleches, and medicine bundles.

The truth about emos[edit]

Emos are really what are known as "posers." They want everyone to believe that they're human teenagers with severe depression. People often think that they cut themselves and put those cotton wrist bands over them so it draws attention to their wrist. The real reason behind this is the following... if you take the cotton wristband off it exposes their insides... not because they cut themselves, but because it exposes their computer chip. They don't want to actually sew some rubber over it, because they can't sew and they don't want to tell anyone about their problems. When they are "cutting themselves" they are just tightening a couple bolts, that's all.

The Mexican governments response to Massive Emo infestations in central Mexico City.