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Emoticonia were discovered in 1892 by Keanu Reeves. A strange breed of creatures, they are like humans, but with an emoticon where the head is. Until 1976, Emoticonia could not vote, own land, or marry. A famous Emoticonia, O:, battled for weeks straight with Gizro The Great, only to team up afterwards and fight off Ass Ketchup.

Famous Emoticonians in history:

Throughout history there have been many famous and important Emoticonians throughout history.

Keiji Inafune: Its been a popular belief that Keiji Inafune, creator of the Megaman series of games, is in fact, an emoticonian. However, a brief look at his face disproves this. Many insist he's half emoticonian, evidence however, proves this. Keiji inafune is officially half emoticonian.

escon dermen:a member of the purple dexter clan, most well known for having sex with all that moves.

Lenin: Lenin was in fact an Emoticonian, and with gave communism to the emoticonians of Russia. emoto cralion: a rare purple breed from the denter clan. most wel known for having sex with all that moves. James Lipton: The lack of expression is in fact an over-disguised emoticon.

There are probably more out there, but many are embarrassed by their emoticonian heritage, so they attempt to hide it. Wait for the future, where we'll one day find out the truth and discover the identities of ALL Emoticonians throughout history.

Wild Emoticonia[edit]

In the wild, Emoticonia are known to do 3 things: 1. Stare at each other, the expression they were born with plastered on their face. 2. Have sex. 3 play with other emoticanians penisus and breasts Not much else is known, because wild Emoticonia are hard to come by. Its also been claimed by many morons, that Wild Emoticonians are actually a rare breed of Pokemon. Gizro the great disagree's with this philosophy, as does just about everyone who isn't a complete LOZAR. Thus, Emoticonians are in fact NOT Pokemon, but a rare breed of human.