Emraan Hashmi

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"You can't just fuck me and leave me!" says Shamita. "I can't hear you! Bhatt Uncle, just pay her and make her go." says Hashmi.
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He's the playboy of the Bhatt camp. And he stinks very bad. But thats not his fault really for he lives in a Mumbai sewer.


Spot the difference!

Emraan Hashmi is the adopted nephew of the Bhatt's and they have taken it upon themselves to get for him all the earthly pleasures available. He was born in an overchoked sewer of Mumbai during the annual floods that clean the city. It is rumored that one of the Bhatt's fathered or mothered him, that's why they are so patronizing of him. In fact legend has it that Vikram Bhatt has vowed to get all the dirty cunts of India fucked by him, in full public view, and some foreign ones if he can get hold of them. At one time he peddled drugs to college students, especially HASH. Hence the surname Hashmi(HASH-ME)



Emraan Hashmi recently won a flurry of awards in categories as diverse as

Most Repulsive Acting for Gangster

Most Disgusting Smile for Aksar

Most Terrifying Laughter for Murder

Most Comic Serious Dialog Delivery for Gangster

and a few more on simillar lines. This has made him extremely popular among the slum dwellers of Dharavi, his new neighbourhood(cos he has just bought a posh jhuggi here, updating from the sewer!). Also the populace of Dharavi are in majority among his world wide viewership. They all see his movies on pirated CD's and this profits the Bhatt's a lot as they are the frontrunners in Bollywood piracy.

He is also given the title of SERIAL KISSER for kissing the ass of director Mahesh Bhatt and is also know to French kiss local dogs and pigs and other barnyard creatures at night.

Forthcoming Films[edit]

He has got a some of films coming up in the next few months,