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The day after...

Enschede (also known as Eanske) is the famous capital of Twente and become publicly known after the 9/11 (13 mei 2000) like attack on the life of King Grolsch. All evidence pointed in the direction of the vicious dictator of Bavaria, Stoiber.

In the vicinity of Enschede, there is the University of Twente, with it's own community called "Campusmongolen" (Mongolians of the Campus). They live there in so-called campusflats, en sometimes they won't get out of their flats for several years in a row.

The people of Enschede[edit]

The people of Enschede are hard-working, but they do have a lack of intelligence. However, what they miss in intelligence, they make up for in alcohol. Not so much as the people of Noord-Deurningen though.


In the early days of Enschede it was a city with a lot of textile industry. Then the prime minister of Holland Jan Peter Balkenende ordered the Dutch people to burn their clothing and stay naked forever, in the spirit of his hippie-policy. After that order the industry collapsed and all the people of Enschede became alcoholics.