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Enzyte Bob, contrary to popular belief, is not happy because of the Enzyte. He is, in fact, addicted to crack-cocain.

Enzyte is a penis pill, "The Once-A-Day Tablet for Natural Male Enhancement". You'd sooner get a bigger penis if you put your thumb up your ass and tried to fart.

It Doesn't Work[edit]

It seemed like the miracle cure I everyone had always hoped for. Science had done it; now they could go on to seriously work on AIDS and cancer. But as I consumers would soon find out, it did nothing but give me them an uncontrollable erection that did nothing but show everyone at work that the tent in my their pants was less of a tent, and more of a little teepee peepee.

The worst part is that I they had already thrown my their penis pump away! Talk about a rip-off!!! I was They were so pissed!

If modern science really could make my a man's shlong bigger, don't you think every guy in the entire world (besides Africa) would be popping Enzyte like it was Pez? Horses would bow down in awe. Elephants would get all depressed and insecure. Women everywhere would recoil in fear.

But no. I'm You're stuck with some under-equipped junk. This just sucks.

If you think this stuff works, I have some swampland in Florida that might interest you.

That Bob guy on the commercial[edit]

Here's a tip for anyone who doesn't know this: The Bob guy on the commercial is creepy. He is not happy for having a larger penis, but he is happier because he is gay. As you may know, the Enzyte pill is rather large, and fits quite nicely into Bob's rectum. BUT: Shhh... His wife doesn't know. I hate you, Bob. I hate you for lying to me everyone else.

And Another Thing...[edit]

And another thing: The stuff they send you in Spam doesn't work either, so stop buying it and promoting more Spam. Idiots.

Famous Users[edit]

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You'd sooner get a bigger penis if you put your thumb up your ass and tried to fart.