Era of Gestures

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An Era of Gestures is a time period in any civilization's history in which vocal or written communication was not used, either through stupidity or boycott.

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Gestures of Cat Huffing[edit]

"You may not Huff"

Lord Cathuff - The treasurer and King of all Huffers

The Tools of "The Huff"[edit]

Traditionally, many loyal huffers follow in the footsteps of one of huffing's greatest sons - "The Hoff". He brought a whole new meaning to the art of huffing with the legendary move - "The Hasselhuff".

The Hoff (or as he is known in the huffing community - Lord Huff

David was also the first to teach the cats how to Huff themselves, and consequently was knighted as "The Huff" by the King of Huffing - The Catturtle.

A loyal Self - Huffer

The Silent Ages[edit]

The Silent Ages was a period of time in the Era of Gestures in which almost all communication was done non vocally but written and spoken word was known of, but those who used it were declared heretics and feared by townspeople, who often bore advanced (for the time) gesturing tools such as tridents, maces, torches, spears, and burning effigies. The intent of such tools is still unknown by archaeologists, but they are beleived to have been meant for finding a common ground between spoken/written word and gestures.

Jesus and the Written Word[edit]

The time when most of the world accepted the end of the Silent Ages is generally agreed to be some time after 0 A.D. when Jesus's disciples wrote the Bible. Unfortunately they wrote it in a code that remains uninterpreted to this day. Jesus and His followers were persecuted for their beliefs by the ancient Romans who had the most efficient gesturing tools of their time (onagers and ballistae).