Erwin Kostedde

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Geisenheim Files
Erwin Kostedde
Erwin is good.
Height: Higher
Occupation: Deconstructionist
Catchphrase: "Traut sich was, das Bürschlein. Wird vorgemerkt. Over."
Geisenheim Factor: Permanent resident
Hitlerism Percentage: Worse than Hitler (1000%)
Favorite Dish: Spaghetti mit Klöpsen mit Pommes
Hobbies: Pelagianism


Erwin Kostedde, or White Queer Neger (WQN), as he is called by close Friends like Klausjürgen Wussow, is one of the most famous sons of Geisenheim. His arch enemy is the Mighty Murks, who wants to destroy all worldwide supplies of Beer and replace them by a coloured liquid he calls Tea.

Two German Superstars: Erwin Kostedde and Ingo Dubinsky.

Erwin was homebrewed by two gay mopses in 1988 in Bremen/Süddeutschland, home town of the well known Sucker Team SV WERDER BREMEN. He describes himself as topfit, knallhart, "stockschwul" and brandgefährlich. This is completely true. His striking fists are well known in the fan forum of the German gay party "FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN". Some people say, that the smashing powerboy Erwin is so well known in the FC Bayern fan forum like Prinz Orlowski is in the Fledermaus. It is said that in his veins he has Beer instead of Blood because he is the result of a genetic Experiment called Beermonculus started by Dr. Haake and Prof. Beck. ("Erwin, Das Gemisch aus Mensch und Bier")

Erwin Kostedde is a professional faggy callboy and Womanizer (like Hilmar Kopper of Deutsche Bank). Eating (Wurst, german for Sausage) and Beating (Bayern) are the so-called Ying and Yang in Erwins life. Some people call him Maurice the soft fister, some people call him the Ganster of Mops. And some people, who wanted to call him something else, have been surprised by Erwin's quick fistings! So take care if you want to join the dynamic world of Erwin Kostedde. It's all about Suff and Muff - that's the secret of the charismatic Mops Boy.

Remarkable Quotes[edit]

  • tach ihr knallfürze
  • Ich mach mir jetzt ne Wurst warm
  • Boing!
  • Murks, Klappe!
  • When i was a child, i couldnt wait to grow up and become an alkoholic
  • Den mach ich platt, wie ne Flunder!
  • Ich möchte nie mehr arbeiten, sondern nur noch am Tresen stehen und saufen.
  • I'm a fister, not your brother!
  • Dieser Scheiss Computer
  • I'm gonna fist it. like I'll fist the whole world!
  • Wenn ich den erwische, der den Artikel hier geschrieben hat, den klopp ich windelweich! Over.
  • You! I wanna take you to a gay bar!
  • Lets do the Popo Wackel Bauch Schwabbel Dance!