Esko Aho

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Esko Aho
Order: 45th President of Finland
Term of Office: 2410-2428
Predecessor: Janne Ahonen
Successor: Matti Hautamäki
Date of Birth: 1954
Date of Death: 2456
Political Party: Centre Party

Esko Tapani Aho was Finnish politician, Prime Minister and 45th President 2410-2428. Aho represent at politics career to Centre Party.


Aho born year 1954, in Helsinki, Finland. He ris to President of his class in school. Esko was best his class, when he have at least eight at test. 1974 Aho matriculate. In army Aho rise to major (1979). Aho rise to Parliament of Finland year 1983. 1986 Aho rise to Finance Minister. All is Ahonen's liking, until Centre Party droped to opposition year 1987, why Aho's political career turn to slide. Career turn to back climb, when Centre Party win to Parliament election 1991 and Aho rise to Prime Minister.

Prime Minister[edit]

When Aho rise to Prime Minister 1991 started so hard season in Finland. Finland "fall flated" mass and inflation fired. 1994 Aho's government fall and he getlost from politics before year 2000, when he rise to Centre Party's presidential candidate. When Aho lost president election, he widthdraw from politics four hundred years.


Second atempt[edit]

Year 2398 Aho rise to again Centre Party's presidential candidate, but he lost election at Janne Ahonen to second round get to 7,8 % of votes against Ahonen's 92,2 %. So sick of sad he widthdraw again from politics.

Third attempt[edit]

When Ahonen not seek third presidency, Aho rise to third time Centre Party's presidential candidate, this time he win!

In to President[edit]

In President Aho transformed image into fully different, that before. Aho inted, so Finland is kingdom year 2128, but he lost Presidentelection, with Matti Hautamäki, who turn out from Finland.

Preceded by:
Janne Ahonen
President of Finland
Succeeded by:
Matti Hautamäki
Preceded by:
Harri Holkeri
Prime Minister of Finland
Succeeded by:
Paavo Väyrynen