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“Fuck yeah!”

~ Me on America

THE STARS AND STIRPES: Read em and WEEP biatches!!

Ethnocentrism is waht all the retard countries of the world have buttlodes of becuase they wish so bad that there the U.S.A. All the top scientists (all from the states of course) have explaned this disease really well and it pretty much means that tey are so jealous of us that all they want to do is put us down and say how were so evil on the news. In summery this means that the etnocentrism countries basicly suck.



Guess waht this is chinks: Its called a PET! its not FOOD!
  • Talking in idoitic ways that nobody could posibly understand in the parts of the world that actualy count (namely the U.S.A) and even if they do speak english it sounds like some ignorant talking absalute nonesense. If thats how they speak english it makes me wonder how good they can speak whatevr ridiculus langage they do in there own contry!
  • Eating crap that no respectabel human could posibly stomic. For example, sea cretures crawling at the bottom of the sea and like dogs and other things that are usally pets and some other unbelevible shit you couldnt pay an American to eat. And don’t foget drinking some emo tea and crying if they cant have some.
  • Geting on teh news and saying “OMG but the US is tring to take over the woooooorld!! OMG but AMERICA is the on createing the real axes of evil”. its always somethig like that because they have nohting better to do then wine because life sux so bad were they live.
  • And then there like "OH and ameriica created the fianshal crysis so now all ppl dont have a job or any mony to spend" but they do'nt even relize that if USA didnt print dollers fro the hole world they woodn't even have any mony to spend to beign wiht!!!!1!
  • Being just so gay that it probally makes normal people blind just even loking at them

Affects of ethnocentrsm on the world[edit]

Well first of al you know how it takes like forever to get on your plane at the airport? Thats because their so worryed about ppl from ethnocentrim countries brining in bombs and drugs and stuf. I mean can't they do anyting better than sitting around scraching there ass and blowing things up? in america we have somthing called civalization and when we want to blow sometihng up we wait til the 4th of July or Haloween when its leagal.

And how about waiting in lines at Mcdonalds? You just wanna get a hamburger but you have to wait like 5 years because some ethnocentim MORON can't even speak enough english and is like "uh uh uh I want french fry" And if one of them is behind the caunter? oh my god you might is well just turn around and go home to jack off insted of eating entirley.

Countries that epsecialy have ethncentrism[edit]

Hey lets go play soccer and kick each other in the nuts! Sounds like real fun! More like LAAAAAAME!
  • Brittan: Oh my god tehy have to lern to talk rite. and they also need to start remaking soccer into a real game. God if I hear some skanky brit call this godforsaken "sport" football one more time I'm gonna go and shove a rEAL AMERCAN FOOTBALL up there pussies! Maybe they could of made it more exiting by giving each team some extra goals on the side to shoot at or maybe by throing in a cupple balls instead of one. ..And if you need the balls rest asured the US has more than enough to export if you know what I mean (probaly not).
  • France: I mean how gay can you get? almost 100 years of histroy and the only desent thing they ever praduce is Vandam! And maybe us americans can show you how to fight a war witout retreeting. Until then just drink your girlee wine until your liver bursts you pansies!
  • Irack: Nuff said.
  • Africa: Waht more can you say about the country that invent AIDS to make us all ware condoms? And I think its called "ware some clothes". Got it? Friging animals. All I gotta say to Africans is they can all go back to Af... oh whatever, they can just get the hell outa their.
  • Mexico: No work ethick no sanitaryism no nothing of any worth, three strikes your out.

Ethnocentrism in the future[edit]

Oh you’ll see. I'd say they prety much have no future at all actally. When all ethnocetrism countries are stack in a pile of losers and I’m on top of it with my fist in the air like yEAH! U.S.A! U.SA! Then well see how smart they are.

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