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General Definition[edit]

A hero or character in fiction (or perhaps non-fiction in years to come) which is, essentially, Ethan but fundamentally not.

The Ethonian hero possesses a large array of passion and emotion largely associated with the Astrological signs Scorpio and Leo. He usually has a tragic past, although perhaps in some cases he plays it up more than absolutely necessary, and this results in a moody and pretentious personality. He is cynical, pessimistic, and often suffers from depression or a bipolar or similar personality disorder.

The Ethonian hero is also quiet, having little to say unless if it is critically important. When he does speak, it is either cryptic like a riddle or a boring and pretentious monologue which is thematic to the fictional work or journey which the characters are taking. The rest of the time, the Ethonian hero may or may not communicate with the audience via narration or thought snippets which are insightful, but perhaps altogether unneeded.

Sharing qualities of Scorpio and Leo, the Ethonian hero has an over-inflated libido and his only true personality, outside of his cryptic and boring monologues, is being one hell of a ladies' man and, perhaps in some incarnations, a real womanizer. He is passionate, chivalrous, and desires nothing more really than to be happily married away from society and the pains of the world. However, since this idyllic state of being only really happens in Fairy Tales and the "Happily Ever After" clause, it is safe to say that the Ethonian hero is doomed to be a hopeless romantic.

The Ethonian hero is also a character who will never take things passively- a juxtaposition to his generally passive personality -as taken from the root of the Hebrew name "Ethan" which embodies the idea of a strong, persevering warrior. When trouble arises, much like the "Epic Hero" he is known for picking up his weapon- whether a gun, sword, or political power -and fighting to the death until the problem is solved.

The Ethonian hero shares many qualities with the Epic Hero or Magnanimous Man of classic tragedy, a character which embodies both the triumphant, victorious hero (the Leo of his personality) and the doomed failure, put to rest only by death (the Scorpio of his personality).

Please note that the "Ethonian Hero" can also be female, except she is called the "Ethonian Heroine" for obvious reasons.

The Ethonian Hero was first coined as an idea by and in the works of AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill.

Common Use[edit]

"Ross is a true Ethonian Hero."

Synonyms and the like[edit]

Ethonian Heroine, Epic Hero, Magnanimous Man, hero, heroine, Scorpio, Leo, anti-hero


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