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Because of their so-called intelligence, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will never have a proper article about Eucalyptus-Bongo. We are sorry for their blatant retardedness.

Eucalyptus-Bongo the koala was born to his koala parents in 1812. His parents were zoo animals in the menagery of Jacques gascon pierre richelieu de gaulle, Duke of Truffles. He had a troubled childhood, suffering as he did from obsessive disorders which made him very particular about having everything on-time. In 1824 he first learned of the metric time which the Duke had worked so hard to promote. Unsure of which system was better, Eucalyptus-Bongo almost went mad before deciding in a clear moment of enlightenedment to become an anarchist. Eucalyptus was directly involved with many of the revolutionary movements of the 1840s in Europe. He also took the pseudonym "Karl Marx" under which he became fairly influential, writing many works of fiction which the working peasantry of industrial cities just seemed to love. Eucalyptus often found it strange that no one noticed he was a koala, but he didn't complain. After the "death" of the so-called "Marx," records of Eucalyptus' dealings are scarce. It is believed that from this time until about 1910 he was in training in Bhutan with the esteemed martial-arts master Kindikama Kwarliputra. From 1910 to 1914 we find record of him attending secret meetings in Vienna, for reasons unknown. After the great war, Eucalyptus-Bongo officially joined forces with the FKC to help liberate the koalas worldwide from the oppressive forces of Home depot.