Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everybody Loves Raymond is a show about an Italian man who was just a momma's boy, until he got married and became a pussywhipped momma's boy.


Everyone in his family has a natural tendency to let their fears impede on their free will. There's Raymond, the huge wimp, his brother, the wimpy introvert who everyone thinks is retarded because he never says anything and cries a lot, his wife who is basically just there to provide a character willing to occasionally defy Ray's mom, and his father, who is a (dead) bitter old man.

Teh jokes[edit]

The show has four jokes, all of them are unfunny:

  1. Ray's mom is a retarded psycho bitch.
  2. Ray is a massive pussy. So is his brother.
  3. It is funny to watch a man's wife fight with his mother because he thinks that anyone related to him by blood is automatically allowed to use him as their doormat and therefore won't stand up for himself
  4. Ray's father makes comments to the effect that he is a bitter old man. This involves innovative ideas like dark sarcasm.


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