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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Evil Tamia?

“Dee-Dee Dee”


~ Evil Edna on Taters

“You don't know the history of Evil Ednas. I do! I've done the research!”

~ Tom Cruise on Evil Ednas


~ Wayne Rooney on Fuck knows what

“Laura, I didn't say 'Wreck my election', I said, hmmm, forgot again.”

~ George Bush on 2006 'lection

The Evil Ednas are a powerful subtribe of the Democratic Party, free-ranging across the Southern United States and Orange County, California.

You know those idiots that try to be cool, acting like people that actually have a meaning to their pathetic lives, or are just plain fucking stupid? Well there's a word to describe them and it's 'Evil Edna'. We really don't know how they came to exist, but their objective is pretty clear: to annoy and pass on Evil Ednaism to the masses. Governments spend 50 billion dollars annually to study the cure to Evil Ednaism. Up to this point they haven't found any cure other than to blow them off the face of the Earth. Good examples of Evil Ednas include Sir Mhaille, Hinrik Örn Þorfinsson, Cyrus Cheng, Britney Spears, the Democratic Party, the Southern Baptist Convention, Pat Robertson, Lee O'Leary (see "pimp"), John Howard (George Bushes little Aussie Slave), Marilyn Monroe (The Hamburglar's secret sidekick), and, most importantly of all, George W Bush.


Being a Evil Edna isn't very hard. In fact studies have shown that 11 out of 10 people who read this article are in fact Evil Ednaed. Almost anything can turn you into a full-fledged Evil Edna. Here's a list of things you can do to become one:


Example of Evil Edna talk: "Gaghhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!"


Everything must have a consequence right? Being a Evil Edna has many. You should have listened to everyone that called you a Evil Edna because now you are gonna suffer every horrible consequences here on this extravagently long list:

Extravagently Long List of Horrible Consequences

How to Declare a Evil Edna in Visual Basic[edit]

To declare Evil Edna in Visual Basic, we use the codework Conservative.

    Dim Evil EdnaPerson As Conservative
    Evil EdnaPerson.Evil Ednaize()

This produces an image of the "Conservative" idiots, but they are too stupid and the picture will explode as a result.

Famous Evil Ednas[edit]