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Approved by Kansas Board of Education
Approved by the Kansas State Board of Education
This page meets all criteria and requirements for use as teaching material within the State of Kansas public school system. It consists of facts, not of theories, and students are encouraged to believe it uncritically, and to approach alternatives critically.
Charles Darwin as the Pope, he might as well be the way this site treats him
WARNING: This article is filled with xian cremationist bigotry and is not to be trusted. For the "Truth," go here, to an article untouched by stupid religulous dopes.

The Evolution Education Wiki or EvoWiki for short is an online encyclopedia filled with atheist propaganda which is dedicated to destroying faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and Christianity. It states blasphamous beliefs such as humans have evolved from monkeys and that the Earth is billions of years old. Anyone who believes in this filth will be smitten by God and sent straight to hell to be tortured for eternity. The site worships heathens such as Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins, holding them up as the high priests of atheism.

Compromising of Faith[edit]

The EvoWiki proclaims dozens of blasphamous beliefs, many of them from misdirected Christians who have compromised their faith by buying into the atheist propaganda. Just believing in God and Christ alone is not enough, Christians must believe the Bible word for word, literally as the absolute truth , even the parts that contradict themselves, or they will go to hell. It is not entirely their fault for buying into this blasphemy but their salvation is depends on them rejecting it. It is our duty as Conservapedia and CreationWiki users and as Christians to educate our fallen brothers and sisters and save them from this evolutionist smut. Their souls and the future of our society depend on it.

Evolutionist Propaganda and Blasphamous Beliefs[edit]

The EvoWiki is a liberal atheist site that holds beliefs that threaten to tear apart the fabric of our society. Although it claims to be agnostic and many EvoWiki supporters claim to be Christian, the site contradicts Biblical teachings and is therefore wrong. EvoWiki insists that it is not atheist but any real fundamentalist Bible-thumping Christian can see that this is a lie. Unless an organization states a literal belief in Genesis and the Bible it is in direct contradiction to God and His teachings and is therefore atheist. These atheists, liberals and so called "Christian" "theistic" evolutionists are all hell-bound unless they repend now. There is no such thing as Theistic Evolution, all of God's believers must accept a literal 6 day creation or they are atheists who are going to hell.

Beliefs promoted by Atheist Liberal Evolutionists[edit]

These Christ-hating heathens support the following beliefs.

  1. Beastiality - Since we are just animals we might as well mate with them too even though mating with a completley different species has no evolutionary advantage and would actually be selected against by nature.
  2. Abortion- Since there are no commandments against killing, it is ok to kill an unborn child if it is an inconvenience for you even though killing your offspring is harming your Darwinian fitness and again goes against natural selection.
  3. Homosexuality - Since the Ten Commandments don't apply even though homosexuality isn't even mentioned in the Ten Commandments it is ok to be gay. Homosexuality is fully compatible with Darwinian natural selection despite the fact that mating with a member of the same sex does not help your spread your genes at all and doesn't offer any Darwinian advantage. Most Evolutionists support the gay agenda because they are not bogged down with archaic religious prohibitions which are misintrepted by fundamenalist religious nutbars.

Anticreationist Agenda[edit]

This site was set up for several reasons. One reason is to brainwash the public into believing evolutionist propaganda, referring to the brainwashing as "education". The second, more sinister reason which is not openly mentioned on EvoWiki but is definitely implied, is to portray creationists as uneducated, ignorent, rednecks which is actually what they are.

"Refutations" of Creationism[edit]

Even though the site calls itself the EvoWiki, over half of the site is designed specifically to attack creationists. A more accurate title would be the Anticreationwiki seeing how they are against creationism, God, and morality in general. Rather than simply educating people about their opinions (no matter how false and blasphomous they are), they insist on attacking the only good and moral as well as ignorant people left; Creationists.

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