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Exodus is a medical condition caused by bob marley. It is induced by listening to his albim, which contains the imortal song Hitler only had one ball

Hitler has only got one ball, The other is in the Albert Hall His mother, the dirty bugger, Cut it off when he was only small.

She threw it over Germany, It landed in the deep blue sea, The fishes got out their dishes, And had scallops and bollocks for tea.

The affected patients.changes in blood biochemistry and pH lead to the Pesach stage, characterized by erectile dysfunction, renal failure and hematuria. Exodus is most commonly induced through butt sex.

Prognosis of exodus is very poor. The treatment should concentrate on paliative solution of the erectile dysfunction which appears in the pesach stage by the means of nanotechnology.

The best way to avoid exodus is by sufficient dietary doses of antioxidant vitamins (vitamin E, A and C), Selenium and beryllium, which is a cofactor of the enzyme glutathion synthase, a main actor in the oxidative damage control.

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