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“Everyone hates these people.”

~ Captain Obvious on Lebos, Arabs and Isralis

“I wish they would just die.”


~ Random Explosive Idiot

“These people are cool. :D”

~ Captain Sarcasm on Lebos and Arabs

“Hey, you want to play World of Warcraft with us?”

~ Forty-two virgins promised to the random Lebo or Arab who blew up


~ God

“They keep clogging up my paradise, it's called Hell... DAMN YOU GOD!”

“Er...there's a reason they're virgins...”

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A typical Arab

An Explosive idiot is the most common form of Lebo, Arab or Israli, and are most seem doing "fuli sik burnouts" in their VL Turbo whilst blasting their shit music. Other times they are seen is when they are exploding or trying to get laid, but, surprisingly, they don't get laid. They also beleive the explosive suicide will get them rewarded 42 virgins.

Incidentally, their cause in life is a humorous source of irony. They basically pay with their lives to get laid. But, wouldn't it be easier just to pay (with, you know, money) for as much tail as they want?

If you need to know what a "virgin" looks like, search Susan Boyle on GIS.

Language and Features[edit]

The average explosive idiot is a fucking idiot.

You can tell when you are in front of one of these bizarre creatures if they blow themselves up. Though it can be easier to tell by just looking at them, as the men have mono-brows and mustaches and beards... you know... like Osama Bin Laden...the wanker.

The women or so they are called of these creatures where strange hat things which they say are their "culture" or "religion" to wear, though I believe they hide their dumb faces beneath these hats (scarfs that NORMAL people use for gay fashion.)

The women also have facial hair , I saw one that had a beard... what the fuck?

What to do if you come face to face with one.[edit]

Whenever you come face to face with one of these terrifying disgraces to the human race, it is best to have some scissors or something... so you can cut the blue wire!

In common cases one will walk into your office, school , home and etc., if this happens, quickly evacuate!

Sometimes one of these creatures may provoke you into a fight! The best thing to do in this case, is to beat the fuck out of them, Ala and Mohummed won't give them strength and they are just plain weak so the odds of winning are pretty high. Seriously, start fighting one of them and, before you know it, you'll be on a submarine declaring "Mission Accomplished!"

Why Blow Shit Up?[edit]

We don't know. And they won't explain it to us.

It's undoubtedly got something to do with kitten huffing.

Life Cycle[edit]


The baby is born.


For entire childhood, the "person" is filled with bullshit and bombs


Much like sex, try not to explode too early!!!

How to Dismantle a Bomb[edit]

...maybe it's the red wire...?