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“Nix für Tamia

~ Krauts

“I mastered the Für Elise as a small boy, my fingers were always tinkling away”

~ Noel Coward on Für Elise

Für Elise is a piano piece allegedly written by Ludwig van Beethoven. While this is yet to be confirmed, the Boring follows Beethoven's signature style of sounding complicated but being relatively easy to play. This has spawned numerous cases of "Für Elitism" among young piano players, who think they sound professional while playing it horrendously and ad nauseum.

History of the piece[edit]

he is the master of music I adore his music, i want to be him Für Elise was composed some time around (who cares), for (who knows). Scholars have stated that it was written for a gal named Therese, whom Beethoven was supposed to marry sometime around (who cares). After hearing this piece played by Beethoven, who was trying to sound professional and played it beautifully, but ad nauseum, she promptly dumped him.

In 1816 some daughters and merchants and Austrian noblemen and state officials and stuffs married around. Somehow this relates to when the discoverer of the piece was oh so smart and mistranscribulated the title, showing just how much people cared about the piece.

Current use[edit]

In some countries the tune is so revered that it is played by garbage trucks to warn people to run from the overpowering stench. In the same vein, some trucks carying gas play the piece to lure weird folk in. In some (confused) parts of the world ice cream vans play it, for the apparent purpose of selling nothing.


The song has been claimed to have lyrics. here they are as present by Julius Ceaser

Furry Lisa, Furry Lisa, men have banged you. Like a diamond shedding pizza skin! Like a fry pan smashed right on ya shin! I gawn sang ya a oompadeedoompahdee too!

Humpty hump dump dump! Luddy van Biznass spittin glass at ya ass!

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