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Sometimes the foundations are so rotten and bad that the only good and constructive action is demolishing everything and starting from scratch. In other words, rewrite this article. It's in such a bad state that you may ignore all of its current contents if you like.

But be a bitch! DO IT!!!

F3 is a computer key. It is seen on keyboards, next to F2 and F1. What is it for? What does it do? It is a mystery. F3 is an enigmatic key that will exist in the annals of history as a functionless riddle, a button with the sole purpose of beguiling all who stare at the keyboard. A malevolent presence? A cancer on mankind? A wonderful object, that when it's mystery is revealed, will offer true happiness? None can say. Nobody knows. Only time will tell what the purpose of the F3 key is, and what the consequences of it's purpose being revealed will be. Until then, we must occupy ourselves while we wait. We must prepare for the consequences. And this article is not about the mystery of the F3 button. It is about what to do while we wait for it's revelation.


Prepare for every possibility. Prepare for every consequence. For every action and repurcussion that could result from the discovery of this buttons purpose. Leave no possibility unchecked. Punch cars, just in case you were meant to. Bathe in Sewage. Cheat in Pokemon. Or don't. Point is, you can't be caught unprepared. If, for example, F3's purpose was to grant Beautiful Naked Ladies to everyone who caught Mew using an Action Replay while punching cars and bathing sewage, wouldn't you want to have been the one doing those things to get the nudity? You bet your lack of ass. So, punch cars. It could get you laid.

How to Punch cars[edit]

  1. Find cars.
  2. Punch cars.

Will punching cars amuse me in pursuits outside of F3?[edit]


What about the other things? Are they worth doing?[edit]


How to bathe in sewage[edit]

  1. Shit
  2. Bathe

How will bathing in sewage benefit me? Outside of F3, I mean?[edit]

It won't. Fuck off.

What about the other things?[edit]

Doesn't matter, nobody cares.