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The F5 key, like "Goggles", does absolutely nothing. It just sits there and mocks you. Endlessly....refusing to refresh the window. Your computer is probably locked up meaning you are running Windows 95 (written by Chicago poet Mr. T Linux "The-Cat" Gates III esq.)

It says that F5 is the browser refresh button, but that's a lie. In fact, it makes your computer more messed up. It'll put on a toga, run across the room to huff kittens, and then rape your mom, your girlfriend, Hello Kitty, and Alyson Hannigan. All at once.

Nearing bankruptcy and overwhelming debt to F10, F5 put itself on eBay and was purchased by professional wrestling. After repeated abuse as a super-move, and several bounced checks, F5 is not in litigation to revoke said rights and return to normal life.

It was later bought by Brock Lesnar for 10 dollars, and named it for his spinny move.