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Also known as Flipping Out or Flipped Out, Flip Out is a common term for what a Ninja does when he gets pissed off. Often times results in the cutting off of someone's head. Flipping out generally occurs when a Ninja comes into contact with a pirate which as everyone knows, is a Ninja's mortal enemy. There are many varying degree's of flipping out which range from basic pirate killing to killing whole pubs of pirates. In some rare cases where civilians and Ninja's interact, normal people, also get waxed or pwned.

Hey, anyway you can stay off drugs!

When Ninja's and Civilians Meet...[edit]

Some rare cases of Ninja's flipping out on civilians were the result of one or two careless people who ended up getting their whole town murdered. The most famous case of this was when some asshole kid was eating ice cream in a small town in Iowa and dropped his spoon. This enfuriated the Ninja watching to the point where he immediately flipped out massively and killed everyone in the town. Such a tragedy which could have been easily avoided if not for the carelessness of one person... What an asshat.

Afterwards, it was rumored the Ninja went back to his Ninja den where he proceeded to wail on his guitar for next 3 days in celebration while porking many hot babes. Yes, Ninja's are also avid guitarists and are highly regarded in the same "playing field" as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Santana in terms of skill.

Ninja's and the Art of Killing[edit]

One of the more painful ways a Ninja can kill you is the art of forced seppuku. This is where a Ninja unsuspectedly forces a frisbie into someones wind pipe, therefore slowly killing him/her due to lack of oxygen.

If you are lucky though, most Ninja's when they flip out will just generally cut off your head and not think twice about. Ninja's are fighting ALL the time. This is fact as stated in Real Ultimate Power which is pretty much the bible of Ninjutsu.

Famous Ninja Battles[edit]

Perhaps the most famous fight between a pirate and Ninja is the story about a pirate actually defeating Chuck Norris (Ninja in Texan clothing) in a battle. This of course was only a trick used by Chuck Norris: to of course lure more pirates...

This one time Captain Picard (Ninja) was walking through town in his starship, and then some pirates were like "Omg stfu", and the battle ensued. Approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pirates were murderized during this battle, and was only ended when Robert Hamburger stepped in and ended it with the famous saying "THIS IS SPAAAAAAAAARTA!". And so the battle was over, the pirates sustaining a tragic amount of losses, while the ninjas only had a guy stub his toe on a dead pirate.

Ninja's: A Never Ending Power Source?[edit]

Chuck Norris and his ability to kick so much ass has also been looked at as a possible source of limitless power. Much like the Stormtroopers vs. Red Shirts power source, this method involves placing Chuck Norris into a large kinetic energy harnessing device. Then, unsuspecting pirates would be captured and placed into the chamber where Chuck Norris would proceed to roundhouse kick them into oblivion. This was attempted in 1957 however due to the decreasing number of pirates causing them to become endangered, the project was postponed until a reliable source of pirates can be produced.