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Ahh, that clears it up then
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FPU is an acronym. Noone really knows what it does, but it does it with arbitrary precision.WTF is it anyway, dont look here...

Floating Point Unit.[edit]

Old WRONG definition. Refers to the ability of this unit to miss the points in semen jokes.

Free Polish Union[edit]

Old eastern Europe communist party. Divided later into the RIAA and FSF.

Failing Pentium Unit[edit]

The thing that made in early Pentium PCs

Fucks Per Unit (Cycle)[edit]

Measurement in sex. Normally described in "sex-minutes". Any number over 800 is not recommended by accredited sex physisists. Industrial lube required for bypassing the theoretical 7,000,000 FPU limit.

FPU Cites[edit]

Top Ten New Intel Slogans For The Pentium

  • 9.9999973251 It's a FLAW, Dammit, not a Bug
  • 8.9999163362 It's Close Enough, We Say So
  • 7.9999414610 Nearly 300 Correct Opcodes
  • 6.9999831538 You Don't Need to Know What's Inside
  • 5.9999835137 Redefining the PC -- and Mathematics As Well
  • 4.9999999021 We Fixed It, Really
  • 3.9998245917 Division Considered Harmful
  • 2.9991523619 Why Do You Think They Call It *Floating* Point?
  • 1.9999103517 We're Looking for a Few Good Flaws
  • 0.9999999998 The Errata Inside