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FWAAC, or the Farmers Who Are Afraid of Cows, is a special forces organization headquartered in Saskatchewan. They named themselves based on a totally different organization from the Dilbert TV show. They wear straw hats and carry pitchforks.

FWAAC is employed to fight against the dastardly deeds of Canadia who engage in slave trade and other things like that.


  • 1524: The Governor of Canada commissions a study to watch Canadia.
  • 1712: The study finishes. The conclusion is that Canadia is a dangerous threat.
  • 1714: FWAAC is formed.
  • 1723: FWAAC foils Canadia's attempt to legalize hot dogs made of cat meat.
  • 1802: The public begins to dislike FWAAC because they are viewed as frivolous.
  • 1810: The government orders FWAAC to disband. FWAAC retreats into the Yukon.
  • 1811: Canadia launches a strike at FWAAC. Good thinking saves the day. In addition, the public realized that FWAAC was still needed to stop Canadia.
  • 1840: The government catches up to the public and allows FWAAC to continue.
  • 1913: After many years of peace, Canadia plans to import kangaroos to Canada. (See Great Kangaroo Crisis.)
  • 1915: The kangaroos overrun Canada. FWAAC springs into action.
  • 1916: FWAAC finishes tranquilizing all the kangaroos. The Environmental Protection Agency will not let them be killed, so they are kept in an abandoned prison.
  • 1971: Modern advances in technology allow the kangaroos to be shot into space on a rocket. They landed on the moon and are presumably still alive and doing well.
  • 1993: One day the president of FWAAC bursts out laughing. This had no significant ramnifications.

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