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~ Rob Nealson on Fairly OddParents

“...And I wish everything was BACK TO NORMAL!”

~ Timmy Turner on His catch phrase

“...but, that's against Da Rules Timmy!!!”

~ Wanda on everything
Timmy Turner (right) with his not gay Fairy God Parents Cosmo (center) and Wanda (left)
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The Fairly OddParents.

It was the result of a top secret Mexican government conspiracy (That's why the show is so crappy). The Fairly OddParents is a super good popular Nickelodeon cartoon program, second only to spongebob. The show follows the misadventures of Timmy Turner a 10 year old bucktoothed kid and his secret little fairy pedos Cosmo and Wanda. Cosmo and Wanda, a pair of illegal immigrants which were trained to fly and then tortured with a giant burrito incompetent fairy god parents, grant Timmy's every wish that the wish complies with The Handbook Of Secret Mission Guidelines (translated from spanish) Da Rules. Da Rules is a big book of things a Beaner Child can't wish for, like to have a wet dream about a burrito like to interfere with true love, or Tom Cruise, but most importantly of all, they can't reveal that they have Beaners Parents. Since 2001 Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy have had many fueled misadventures.

About This Show[edit]

Vicky the not gay baby sitter (Right) performing her bonding duties with Timmy (Left) and his mates Sanjay (Middle Right) and Elmer (Middle Left)

The Fairly OddParents is about a pair of typical white trash fairies helping white Tom Jones fans. Timmy Turner, a miserable Caucasian suburban child, is one of those fans. So Timmy got magical mexican fairies to give him anything he wants (on top of a nice house with a satellite dish, his own room with a bathroom, and video games,and a 'special room'. The reason for Timmy's misery is because his real parents were never around and Timmy was forced to be constantly stalked by his wonderful baby sitter and secret agent for the mexican government Vicky; who had a variety of ways of loving and constantly torturing the "little angel" until he told him the passcode to a top secret american government computer. From leashes, roleplay, and wine to making him do chores in girls thongs that later traumatized Timmy. Cosmo and Wanda burst into the picture to help Timmy.

One could argue that there were much more deserving Tom Jones fans than Timmy who could have benefitted better from Parents, such as Timmy's friends; Chester, who is white trash, or AJ, who has the handicap of being black.


This article is currently in a bad state, but all it needs is a little love. Please give some love by rewriting it.

A 'special' fanboy that no one understands, he is the sex victim of illegal immigrant Parents Cosmo and Wanda "touching" him all the time. With his pair of Magical Parents he can wish for nothing but burritos. He usually wishes for little boys,Michael Jackson albums,or leopard print panties for some fun with Chester,AJ,Sanjay,Elmer,or Francis.

Cosmo and Wanda[edit]

Wanda Eatus Fattytwinkle is the pink fairy, she is Timmy's Fairy God Mother and is Married to Cosmo Foolius Mommasboy, the idiotic green fairy who is Timmy's Fairy God Father. He is a convicted terrorist who assisted Hitler during World War II. They fall under heavily cliched stock characters like the nagging house wife and the idiotic husband. They are much like Your Mom and Your Dad; but without the weight issues. They have been married for over 9000 years, yes really, but over the short time they have been watching over Timmy their relationship has some how shifted from being a loving couple to a nagging wife and down syndrome husband couple with 8 kids, 2 tv shows, 5 Dr. Phill appearances, and 13 Jerry Springer appearances, who are constantly under the watch of a 60 year old strong gay fairy named Professer Jorgen von Srengle Schnitslepußkrankengeshankmeir, known for frequently strangling Bart Fairyson. He always wants action with Timmy. The proof of Cosmo being a woman was revealed in the episode "We can have a baby without sex!" no, they are not gay.


Poof, the newest edition to the Fairly OddParents, Yes it's a boy, yes his name is Poof.No he is not gay... yet
Cosmo pregnant with Poof, yes, Cosmo. Not gay at all.
Cosmo giving birth to Poof. Even though Timmy magically impregnated Comso, this is completely not gay.

“Poof? What's that, is that a baby?”

~ Old FOP Fan

“It's Cosmo and Wanda's Baby.”

~ Die Hard FOP Fan

“They had a BABY? I didn't know this show was still on!”

~ Old FOP Fan

“Yes, it's still on.”

~ Die Hard FOP Fan

“A fairy baby?”

~ Old FOP Fan


~ Die Hard FOP Fan


~ Old FOP Fan

Poof the newest character in The Fairly OddParents. poof is the love child of cosmo and wanda.in other words cosmo is his or her mom(again not gay tranvestite drag queen)When he cries bad **** happens.when hes happy m***** ******* good s*** happens

The Big Lure[edit]

The big lure started basically when We can have a baby without sex! premiered. This inspired the show's creator, Butch Hartman to create more shows like this.


The fairly odd parents episode Wishology had double the porn and the adult themes, plus it had Avatar (not the movie dumbass) fighting influences. This lured in 400,000 viewers, half of them usally watching cartoon network.


OMFG IT IZ SUMMOR was basically another try at the failed mexican government conspiracy that was the fairly odd parents. It's name was suggested by the person who was sentenced to helping the mexican government, brad hartman. It actually was not meant to be a episode of the fairly odd parents and was meant to hypnotise the american population. It only had five minutes of animation of Timmy raping Wanda. The rest of the special had pictures of mexican pornography. It lured in twice the viewers then before.

No this is not another episode of Sonic X[edit]

No this is not another episode of Sonic X was yet another attempt of hypnotising americans. This time, it was about Timmy being imprisoned in a giant burrito near the mexican border. The only animation was the beginning, Timmy being brought to Mexico, and Timmy being kicked. The rest of it shown a picture of mexican porn. This eventually caused many lawsuits and fines from the FCC, but it almost caused Cartoon Network to be bankrupt with it massive amount of people watching it.


The Fairly OddParents! made its debut on Oh Yeah! Cartoons! in 1998.

There are three major categories of children's shows. Shows that involve talking animals, shows that involve magic and shows that have real kids in real situations. The ever clever Butch Hartman decided to make a children's show that involved magic. Hartman wanted to do a show that would have a kid that could go anywhere and do anything, magic was the logical way to do this. Hartman thought up the show when he was driving, his main problem was how could he have magic? He thought of making the kid a magician, witch, warlock, Dark Lord of the Sith, or making his parents magical. Then he thought of giving him an external proxy character that could provide him with magic, like giving him ghosts, leprechauns, unicorns, gaurdian angels. Even magical, retarded elf hunters. He eventually decided on giving him a fairy god parent. While driving, hartman sketched up Timmy, named after his little brother, and Wanda, Timmy's fairy god mother. Hartman asked himself, "what if she had a husband?" Knowing such a useless accessory would exponentially increase the comedy of the show he created Cosmo, despite the fact that he didn't know what a fairy god father looked like. With that material he set forth to begin production of several cartoon shorts on Oh No cartoons in 1998. After three years of success the Fairly OddParents became their own show.

Is the show good?[edit]

The Fairly OddParents being not gay


Is this article good[edit]

Hell, no.

Is the show gay?[edit]


The show has to be gay, right?[edit]

The Fairly OddParents being funny, not gay

Okay, there might be a little bit gayness, but it's not trying to be gay, it's trying to be funny. Sure guys on the show are being put in dresses all the time, but its for comedy's sake, it's funny, the british do it all the time and they're not gay.

C'mon, it has to be gay![edit]

The Fairly OddParents being gender bending, not gay!


  • Yes, It's a Show about Fairies
  • Yes, the kid wears mostly pink
  • Yes, Most of the male characters are effeminate
  • Yes, There's lots of cross dressing

But those things don't make it dumb, if anything it just makes it gender neutral. There is nothing wrong with gender neutral. Gender neutral is like Star Trek, it's like, I want to know what this is like, lets explore for a few hundred episodes type of thing, Star Trek Is definetly NOT bad, therefore the Fairly OddParents isn't either.

Alright, the show is completly gay!!!==

...Yeah, I ain't touchin' that one.

The Fairly OddParents being gay, and lovin' it!

  • It's a Show about Fairies = GOOD
  • The kid wears mostly pink = GOOD
  • Most of the male characters are effeminate = GOOD
  • There's lots of cross dressing = DOUBLE SWEETNESS

Saying The Fairly OddParents is just BAD is an understatement. It's pink and purple, girly flamboyant, rainbow colored, tea and crumpets, turns your kids from a zero to a six on the Kinsey scale bad. Infact people who say spongebob is goood have obviously never seen The Fairly OddParents. The Fairly OddParents makes Spongebob look like This Old House its so god. If smartness was brightness then the comparison would be like Stephen Hawking to Homer Simpson. also they like to look on each others chest. it

Some Crude Jokes[edit]

What show doesn't have 'em?

Fan base[edit]

You would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and loyal fan-base than that of the Fairly OddParents. The Fairly OddParents has not only appealed to its intended target audience of children 7 - 11 but has attracted kindergarden aged children all the way to adults. Therefore the Fairly Odd Fan Base represents a variety of demographics. In fact, cause she may know, ask your mom!

Reception and awards[edit]

The Fairly OddParents has won several awards:

Kazakhstan Film Festival: Nominated: Best TV Show of 2004, Best Show About Fairies in 2003, and Best Porn Film of 2007 Won: Best Porn Film of 2007

A fan reviewing a recent Fairly OddParents Special

Fans have a variety of ways to show off how much they love The Fairly OddParents

Like with merchandise...

These are All MINE!

with tattoos...
N1e8-fairly-odd-parents.jpg N1e7-fairly-odd-parents.jpg

and cosplays...
WandaCosPlay1.jpg CosmoCosplay1.jpg WandaCosPlay2.jpg

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