Faja Day

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a toit Fajar

“Luke, I am your Fajar”

~ Toit Vader on necessary cliche quote for this page

Faja Day is a day shelebrated in The Netherlands in honor of the Dutch fajers of the nation, who tend to wear toit pantsh, to make sure that everyone enjoy their toit mashculinity.

Notable events during faja day[edit]

Traditionally, faja day beginsh with the toit Queen of Holland driving around in her wooden-shoe car, waving to the mashsesh joining together to honor their fajas.

After the traditional cheering round, the honorable fajas, wearing their toit pants, and looking toit like tigers, stride along to the Dotch hois of commons, and engorge themselves with traditional dishes.

The troditional foojd[edit]

The fajas will eat the following tashtey dishes:

Thish meal usually takesh a long time, shince there iz no pleajing the fajas eashily enough.




Dutch national foundation


Middle English fasher, from Old English fæder; akin to Old High German fajger, Latin patsher, Greek patēr