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ILL Mitch demonstrating the Fake Mustache.

The Fake Mustache is a vulgar symbol in Russia, originating around the time of Stalin in the former U-SchutzStaffel-R by anti-communists to quietly mock the leader. Executing the fake mustache is very simple; one must simply point their index finger and put it in the area between the nose and mouth. The vulgar symbol will get girls very pissed and angry. Using the Mustache is considered equivalent to the middle finger in Western countries such as America.

If you wish to learn more about the "fake mustache," it is recommended to go the archives of Russia to gather more information.

Note: the fake mustache is NOT to be confused with the Rapstache, which is a real mustache consisting of hair follicles in the area between the nose and mouth of most humans. The Rapstache is used by rappers to make "good rap"s.

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