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Far far away is one of the 7 directions in which you can travel. It is commonly referred to as a place i.e. in Star Wars "In a galaxy Far far away."


There is no Galaxy Called Far Far Away, It is only a direction. If one were to actually want to travel Far Far away, you must follow these pretty simple instructions:

  1. Buy a spaceship
  2. Travel away from The Earth for a long time.
  3. Get Lost, as in the TV series, not the Direction.
    1. Make a movie called "Lost in Space" about you being Lost in space, because If you watched all of Lost, you probably got Lost, the Direction.
  4. You have arrived in your direction, Far Far away.

In case you are wondering, you are in fact moving in a direction called far far away once you realize that you are lost. Once you figure out you are lost, you actually start to try to go home, but aren't. This is called Far Far away.


Alternatively, you can also climb through your television set into any of the Shrek movies. It's best to follow them in a non-linear pattern to promote faster brain-scrambling confusion, but it's up to you. Just keep heading toward the castle, and you're set to go!