Fascist-Republican Party

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Fascist-Republican Party of America
Fascist Republican.png
Political Ideology: Fascist-Republicanism
Leader: Dick Cheney
Founders: Dick Cheney, David Duke, George W. Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld
Founded: June 6, 1996
Number of Seats in House: 0 (de facto: 199)
Number of Seats in Senate: 0 (de facto: 49)

The Fascist-Republican Party (FRP) is a political party in the United States of America. Combining fascism and the ideology of the Republican Party (a bit redundant, eh?), it's the only party of its kind. It currently secretly controls the Republican Party.


The FRP was founded on June 6, 1996. The founding date (6/6/96) was supposed to be the date 6/6/6, but the founders didn't want to wait until 2006. The founders were white supremacist David Duke, member of the notorious Bush family George W. Bush, evil-doer and leader Dick Cheney, and military madman Donald Rumsfeld. The party tried to bribe Bob Dole to let the FRP take control over the Republican Party during the 1996 elections. Dole (being the self-centered jerk he is) refused,saying that "Bob Dole wouldn't want Bob Dole to accept a bribe while Bob Dole was watchin'...Bob Dole". However, during the 2000 election, Bush got the party nomination. With the Republican Party at its command, the FRP (like the Nazi Party) ruined their country. Rumsfeld eventually split from the party, later outing its secret to everyone. John McCain agreed to carry on the FRP-Republican Party agreement, but lost to Barack Obama. With Bush in the crapper, Cheney secretly on medications (the reason he didn't want to run for president), and Duke out lynching, the party's future seemed unclear, and heading towards destruction. That leads this: Shortly after the 2008 election, Rumsfeld released a statement and several documents verifying the FRP control over the Republican Party. The FRP has been banned, though allegedly still exists in secrecy. It is unknown why Rumsfeld destroyed the FRP, but many believe it is because Cheney cheated him out of $50,000 and a nude pic during a strip poker game.


Membership was (and presumably is, if the party exists) invitation-only. Some 9,000 people were convicted in November of 2008 for alleged membersip in the FRP.


Out of the documents that Rusmfeld released, 3 locations were cited as the headquarters of the FRP. Those were:

Jim Gilchrist is a misanthrope; this Republican still believes that the Vietnam War is still going on. When confronted by anyone, Jim Gilchrist goes running to the cops crying for help. Yet he refers himself as your average Joe. This Republican nut case should go seek mental therapy or if not that then be locked up in a Asylum. No one really needs a lunatic running around crying for help.

Party Platform[edit]

Most of the party platorm was the same as that of the Republicans. However, there were some plans the FRP had in mind for America. Those include:

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