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We as human beings live in a world of fat, blubber, and BO these days due to people eating to much...

We all know the type. Sits in a chair, breathing heavily, smelling like they lost a piece of bologna under their sagging tits, while the normal sized people watch them praying to god they don't raise their arms showing off their cottage cheese flub.

Main contributers to fat humans are McDonalds, Burger King, and stupid fat people with no self control.

Luckily there is hope for the skinny people. Alcohol. Alcohol makes fat people look better.

Mcdonalds? I mean come on bring out the healthy options like more salads and stuff man! People like Nigel here are going to die from obesity at a record breaking 20000000 pounds! Wait i forgot he is heavier than that already! But anyway ye a message to fat people here.

" Your taking up to much space and our world as we know it is increasing in population by the second so cut down or to the depths of the ocean with you!"

Anyway. Being fat isnt good! Want to be the next 40 year old virgin? Well if you do keep eating. Because if you dont stop, you wont get laid!

Even if you did get laid it would be very uncormfortable for your partner :\

Signs you are a Fat human[edit]

  • You take up more place then your entire family.
  • Your belt is longer then the ecvator.
  • You're the only one to get a tan when at the beach.
  • You're the only one who can watch the movie at the cinema.
  • Your man-boobs are a size 36 DD.

How to save your society from a Fat human[edit]

Possible solutions could be...

  • Raid their fridge larger than the leaning tower of Pisa
  • Take the dump from out of the ass but take caution, the human may just blow. This will reduce the stress as they wont have to reach for something anymore
  • Give them a salad once in a while
  • Slap them