Father Director Teddy Rydzyk

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Father is thinking about his new Maybach.

Father Director "Teddy" Rydzyk (also known as "Ojciec Dyrektor Tadeusz Rydzyk"), guru of the quasi-Catholic Radio Maryja Family RELIGION! and the Mohair Berets Army milita is the most dangerous cult leader in Poland, and possibly in the universe.

Many people view him as an example of fighters with Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. In reality, few know that Rydzyk is a member of a Polish conspiracy circle aiming to spread fear, uncertanity and doubt about other conspiracies. Teddy is a monopolist in Polish economy an important importer of Maybach cars for the Catholic Church. Additionally, Rydzyk publishes Nasz Dziennik.

There was a period in his life when Rydzyk was in love with Kwaśniewski. Unfoturnately, this love was one-sided, because Aleksander liked Wałęsa more. His broken heart in the past may have contributed to his hate of gays.Thats why he is listed in top 5 of the world's stupidest guy. Also, Rupert Deadmen is a bender.

Rydzyk's enemies[edit]

Teddy hates Jews, penguins, Arabs, giraffes, and of course faggots. He is a vocal opponent of the Society of Jesus and their underground activities. He also publicy declared his hatred of all women above 18.

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