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Father Stark

Father Stark powering up in his Jesuit Battle Armour, version 3.0, against a Cissegaran invasion in 1992.

Publisher WJU Saga
First appearance Time immemorial
Created by Churchill Society, Wheeling
Real name Stark
Status Active
Affiliations Council of Light, The Jesuit Resistance, Faculty Council
Previous affiliations Society of Jesus
Notable aliases Stark Pirate, the God of Fire
Notable relatives N/A
Notable powers Pyrokenetic; master of volcanic elements; psychic resistance; weather control

Father Stark is an Immortal the current leader of the Council of Light. He has been at Wheeling Jesuit University for over 500 years and is one of the most prolific members of WJU's pantheon of heroes.

Early Life[edit]

It is said that Father Stark's form was fashioned out of volcanic ash that was created during a massive eruption occurring in the Triassic era. A sentient being based on the element of fire, Father Stark watched over the evolution of humanity over millions of years, quietly introducing himself into remote human civilisations. Records from an ancient African tribe tell of a "tall, pale man of fire", who had the power to "call down a heavenly inferno" (The Jesuit Wars, #1).

Father Stark settled in Herculaneum in 60 A.D., carving out a life for himself amidst the backdrop of the Roman Empire, ingratiating himself with the locals and never drawing attention to himself. One day, however, Father Stark witnessed the brutal rape and murder of a young woman while returning home from a bar. Enraged, Father Stark called upon the elemental forces of fire and erupted nearby Mount Vesuvius, forever burying the city in dust. Jesuit Emperor Fed Acker Huang sensed this great power from a distance, and offered Father Stark a place among his ranks.

The Seminary[edit]

Father Stark entered the seminary in 92 A.D., completing his Jesuit studies six years later. While inspired by the moral elements of the establishment, Stark was also highly disturbed by the corruption that existed within its ranks as well. Although Father Stark was asked many times to be the right hand man to the Jesuit Emperor (a position later secured by Lundius Superbus), Father Stark refused this position, instead staying low on the ranks to avoid suspicion.

In 312 A.D., Father Stark was sent to Oakvale, West Virginia to deal with a daemon uprising in the area. Unbeknownst to him, Puppet Master, a Jesuit aligned to Fed Acker Huang, had mind-controlled three other Jesuits in an attempt to kill Stark: Torgo, Black Knight, and Servabot. Father Stark successfully defeated both Torgo and Black Knight, and was able to break Servabot free from Puppet Master's mind control (The Jesuit Wars, #4). Father Stark and Servabot went into hiding deep in the Appalachian Mountains to avoid repraisal from the Jesuit Emperor. Father Stark eventually defeated Puppet Master many years later (The Jesuit Wars, #58).

In 1463, Father Stark and Servabot defected to Wheeling College, which was under the control of the Dschinghis Khan Protectorate. Father Stark has remained there since, despite the Jesuit takeover of the school in the 19th century.

Wheeling Jesuit University[edit]

It was immediately apparent that Father Stark possessed powers beyond human comprehension, and he was thus asked to join the Council of Light at once. He fought bravely alongside his companions against the forces of evil.

Several months after he was inducted into the Council, the Council Elders received word that three female students were being held hostage by the vicious Mud Monster of Big Wheeling Creek. Thinking nothing of himself, Father Stark immediately took up the mission and set after the beast, defeating it handily and rescuing the girls with minimal damage to the surrounding property. From that day on, Father Stark was primed to become the leader of the Council of Light, a position which he accepted in 1982.


When Father Stark is not out kicking ass, he pretends to run Campus Ministry. Occassionally, he does both at the same time. He never smokes.


Father Stark is an accomplished pyrokenetic and is a master of volcanic elements, able to bend lava and magma to his will. Additionally, he is able to create clouds of smoke to help him disappear without a trace and reappear at a moment's notice. He is also able to break a man's neck without any effort, which he does sometimes. To a lesser degree, Stark possesses weather-control powers similar to Prince Coxar's.

Father Stark is also capable of holding a conversation with Great White Mother without going completely bezerk. In a recent battle (Ultimate Council of Light, #37), Stark managed to summon enough energy to reduce her into a pile of ashes. Unfortunately, she was re-constructed by ITS to become "greater and more powerful than before". Or not.

Other Members of the Council of Light[edit]