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Fear Factor is a nice little 'reality TV' program that originated in the United States of America, the home of televisual crap. The show exposes contestants to a variety of interesting and wholesome experiences that they would otherwise not witness. It is hosted by comedian and transvestite Joe Rogan.

Popular Fear Factor contests[edit]

The show has built it's fame on numerous disgusting or terrifying challenges. These include:

Contests NOT featured on Fear Factor[edit]

  • Having a completely normal, delicious meal
  • Hiking in relatively flat hills
  • Feeding goldfish
  • KFC
  • Listening to The Black Parade for an hour

Contests not featured on Fear Factor, but SHOULD be[edit]

  • Inserting bamboo slivers up ones urethra
  • Purposely administering brainfreeze
  • Spending 1 hour in the company of Jodie Marsh
  • Dying
  • Sleeping with a Miami crack whore


The penalty for not succeeding at an assigned task is usually severe, irrevocable death. However, on some occasions, when death is deemed too lenient, one of the following 'extreme' punishments is implemented:

Famous contestants[edit]

Numerous celebrities have appeared on the show, with varying success. The most famous appearances include:

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