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February 4: International Nobody Does Anything Interesting Day

  • 220 - Emperor Cao Cao of the Han Dynasty, knowing the end is near, has the imperial chef make him his favorite sandwich.
  • 1066 - Celtic warlords, finding the weather too poor to do battle, take a water break.
  • 1142 - Starving peasants in medieval Brandenburg continue to starve.
  • 1877 - Charles Dickens has constipation, contemplates going to the doctor.
  • 1943 - Hitler finds some time out of his day to play with his dog Blondi.
  • 1968 - Lyndon B. Johnson drinks some really bad coffee, tells his wife.
  • 1977 - Eric Clapton orders a tuna sandwich from the deli but is given egg salad instead, doesn't notice until he gets home.
  • 1989 - Gerald Strauss, of Utica, New York, finally starts listening to R.E.M.
  • 2004 - Mark Zuckerberg invents the Facebook status, making Nobody Does Anything Interesting Day an everyday holiday.