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Femforce is a mostly female team of superheroes. Founded on the principles of Truth, Justice, and plenty of Lubrication, these lipstick lesbians regularly save the world through exhibitionism and random public sex acts.


The team began when four young porn stars were exposed to a massive dose of gamma radiation due to faulty lighting on their film shoot. When they realized they had gained super powers as a result of this, they dedicated themselves to helping the world and protecting the innocent from tyranny and injustice.

They soon realized there was absolutely no money in this line of work, so they went back to making porn.

Team Members[edit]

  • Plastic Girl (Paris Hilton) Gifted with the ability to psychokeneticly manipulate the various artifical implants in her body. She mostly tends to use her nose as an offensive weapon, stretching it to unbelivable lengths and amazing feats of strength. In fact she once stopped a speeding train with just her left nostril. Her plastic surgeon, Doctor Wilton Tuck of Beverly Hills California is quite pleased with the results.
  • Objectivist Lass (Ayn Rand) Former political philosopher turned giant breasted freak of nature. The gamma ray exposure gave her the ability to shoot powerful energy beams out of her areolas.
  • Lady Victory (Joan Wayne-Gacy) Granted a patriotic spirt beyond that of mere mortals. Lady Victory can insult Frenchmen faster that a speeding bullet, run over constitutional limits of power like a locomotive, and leap over obvious Presidential inadequacies in a single bound.
  • Wolverine (Wolverine) While it is clearly stated in the superteam's bylaws that only women are to be considered for membership. Wolverine somehow succeded in getting himself made a team member. It's obviously a side effect of his super ability to appear simultaneously at every point in the universe.


  • Doctor Doom Well, they wish he was one of their enemies. Despite sending him really nasty e-mails and calling him names a lot he's mostly just ignored them.
  • Captain Oogie Their main nemesis, well, not really. Captain Oogie really isn't his villianous nomenclature either, it's the girl's nickname for this really skeevy fanboy that follows them to all of their appearances. Though he is suspected of harboring some kind of super stench generating powers. Getting within ten feet of the guy is known to induce nausea and vomiting.

Oscar Wilde Does Not Join the Team[edit]

Since one of Oscar Wilde's many super powers is the ability to switch genders at will, the members of Femforce did offer him membership in the team. But after careful examination of the team's power levels, group dynamics, most importantly, comic book and merchandising sales, he declined. In the press, He later pointed out their inability to get above the bottom 500 on Diamond Distribuiton's monthly sales figures was the deciding factor. Femforce's massive and dedicated fanbase caused quite a stir on the internet over the issue, but it was eventually discovered that they were all a guy named Paul who just had too much time on his hands.