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Fever Dog is an old 1970's rock band formed in 1974 by Joe Lawson and Gore Papinstein. They're infamous for their hit singles, "Aqua-Flavor Love Lease," "Hill of the Broken Berry," and, "Sexy Government Woman".

Papin Joes[edit]

Fever Dog was formed in 1974, and was oringinally called Papin Joes. It was formed by Joe Lawson on Guitar and Vocals, and childhood friend Gore Papinstein on Bass. Joe and Gore auditioned for a Drummer for 6 months until they found one decent enough, and one that would join an unknown band. His name was Vince Lennog. Lawson and Lennog often had disputes about renaming the band.

"He was a control freak, and he wanted this to be his band, and whenever I confronted him about it, his excuse was, 'I just feel like you don't see me as a member, man, I mean it's the Papin Joes, not the Lennog Gore Joes or whatever.'"

Early Ideas[edit]

Early suggestions for the name of the band were, Eat the Trash, Toy Monkey, Hardcore Musketeers, and the Rivaling Band Monkeys. For the first two months of the band's history, the only clothes they wore was plaid Silk, which was actually what most people thought there band name was.

Early demos show heavy influence from such bands as Cracker and Big D and the Gospel Messengers. It was a harsh sound that only a tonedeaf gorilla would be able to bear. They then switched gears to their now famous "Wackyhand" tone.

Caught in the Cross Fire[edit]

Often in the disputes, Gore was caught in the middle. When asked his opinion about, he backed away and declined. After awhile of hearing the arguments, and seeing that the band was going nowhere, Gore threatened to leave the band, because he had been, "Caught in the cross fire for too Long!"

And thus is what Vince and Joe settled on for a name, Caught in the Cross Fire. For 7 months they couldn't get a gig, until finally, a club in San Fransisco called the Butler's Tavern gave them a shot. After one concert, they became the house band. The night after the gig, the club was burned down. CITCF played only 10 songs, which would later become the same track listing on their demo record.

After playing at joints for about a year or so, CITCF got into the studio to produce a demo. They were produced under King Kong's Funeral, which was merely an old pizza shop with recording equitment in it. The track listing was:

1. Caught in the Cross Fire

2. Enlighten Me

3. It's Your Funeral

4. Wishing Well (commonly mistaken as, Wish You Well)

5. You Can't Eat in Hell (But You Can't Suffer in Heaven)

6. Pizza Girl Blues

7. Pain in Your Brain

8. The Whiskey A Go-Go- Doesn't Like Our Antics

9. Apes in the Milky Way

10. Fly of Despaire

CITCF passed around their album to a lot of Major Labels, but was turned down every time. They were told that if they could make more songs like Caught in the Cross Fire and Fly of Despaire, they might have a chance. In between passing the records around, Vince and Joe continued arguing that Joe's antics were the reason they weren't getting signed. Gore continued to back away from answering, and turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort. This became an even bigger problem for the band. Gore was off beat most of the time, and was constantly falling on the ground in high pitched shrieks.


Vince started abusing himself with alcohol everynight, and started drinking on stage. He was almost put on trial when at one point, he through a bottle of beer at a heckler. Police arrested him for one night, but their Producer, Dick Hertz, pulled a few strings and got him out the next day. Vince continued to drink, and became a mess. The only thing holding the band together, was Joe, but he quit the band a few weeks after Vince's arrest.

Gore was rumored to be unsure of his sexuality for some time, mostly during the period of time of his solo project, Feverish Dooga. Rumor has it that when he was sued by the members of Fever Dog for copyright infringement, he got off the hook from a relationship with an opposing lawyer. Since this period in time, all controversy has subsided, and the band members have since made up.

Cold Turkey[edit]

After Joe quit, CITCF became a Jazz fusion band called, Cold Turkey. The fans lost interest because they weren't the band they used to know.


Less than a week after Lawson left the band, he was contacted by Gore that he had quit pot an booze, and that Vince was cleaning himself up. Lawson was still unwilling to join the band, until he was informed that they were about to record an album. When Lawson returned, he saw that Gore had not quit pot and booze, and that Vince was worse then when he began. The only thing making Joe stay was that Elektra Records was interested in them. Lawson agreed to record the album, and see what would happen. They changed their name back to CITCF.

Caught Between the Gates[edit]

Lawson and the rest started recording some new songs, so that if their contract was renewed, they'd have some songs ready. They recorded four new songs, and only one of them appeared ont their album "Caught Between the Gates". The song was self named, Caught Between the Gates.

Lawson forgot about one thing, after he had quit, he had aplied to Stanford to become a writer. He had a serious choice to make, stay with two messed up people and possibly become famous, or go to Stanford to become a writer. He chose Stanford. His desicion was a good one, because CITCF was about to go nowhere.

Fever Dog[edit]

After Lawson's final departure, CITCF renamed to Fever Dog with new guitarist Jeff Black, and vocalist Uegene Berman. Fever Dog toured a bit, and was forced to make new material, because Joe had taken the rights to all of CITCF's songs. Fever Dog toured a bit and held off on recording. They became a big mess, and somehow managed to stay away from being fired from Elektra.

Their manager told them that they had better shape up, because Elektra was getting impatient. Everyone in the band managed to get cleaned up, but Vince Lennog died of an overdose on March 5, 1976.

Fever Dog was going to continue, but Gore decided to quit because he was the only original member.

L For Loser![edit]

Uegene and Jeff formed a punk band called, L for Loser!, but no one was interested in joining, because everyone had one way or another left the band.


Rumors have been circulating on CITCF's fan based site that CITCF might be reuniting to record an album of covers and a short tour. Their album, if it ever comes, is entitled, Eat my Trash Nugent. There is no word on if their original lineup or the Black/Berman lineup will be recording and touring. One alleged fan spoke of Lawson on Lead Guitar, Black on Rythm Guitar, Berman on Vocals, Papinstein on Bass, and Vince Lennog's bastard child on drums.