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Fez is a soft pliable material which is woven from the luxurious red nippular hair of the common domesticated camel (Camelopardalis humpasaurus).

Yesterday's Ancient Fez[edit]

Fez was first produced by the indigenous peoples of the Sultanate of Rum by soaking many thousands of camels in gigantic industrial vats full of freshly-squeezed raisin juice. By letting the foul-smelling mixture ferment for many generations, a sufficient amount of raw fez fibers eventually congealed on the liquidy ooziferous surface to manufacture one (1) funny looking hat. The arduous and time consuming process would then be repeated a few centuries later.

Today's Modern Fez[edit]

Fez is a forigner from norway, that came to the US to become lazy and hate speech class. Fez is very good looking and known for not being abel to wear his jeans in school. It was only with the advent of petroleum-powered camel crushing machines that fez could be economically produced in staggering quantities. In November 1903, the stock market price of this formerly rare and valuable material plunged overnight from its previous high of $47,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 $USA$ per square inch2 all the way down to less than a bucketful of warm camel piss for enough fez to sink a major continent. However, experts in the field of fezology have recently lamented that the quality of today's modern fez has suffered somewhat due to overly rushed production deadlines and unavoidable contamination by trace amounts of camel shit and heroin.

How Fez is Used[edit]

Fez has more real-world uses than you can shake a pointed pointy-thing at, including a rather attractive nick-name for sad losers.

Some of the Many Consumer Products Made out of Fez[edit]

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