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The 1987 Fiat Panda after being modded by some retard that thaught it was cool to spend £30,000 on a car that only cost him £50 in the first place whem he could have just bought a BMW.
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The Fiat Panda is in actual fact, not a bear at all, but a large Italian member of the car family. It lives in the pasta forests of the Italian Alps, getting drunk on petrol shots. The Vehicle in fact, cost more to round up than it could be sold fore, but it was sold anyway.

The Holden (Voxhall) Astra[edit]

A bunch of guys in Korea decided to form a company to round up the pandas preeditor, the Holden Astra, called Voxhall but most of the barbarian world. The astra was in fact easier to round up that the panda and could be sold for a profit.

Mystery Illnesses[edit]

Many Fiat Pandas suffered from the recessive genetic disorder known as Seat Marbella, which caused them to be even slower and lethargic, whilst curiously speaking with a fake Spanish accent.

In 2001, Top-heavy-lovely Sarah Beeny discovered that all Fiat Panda's weren't made of pressed steel sprayed with primer as originally though but actual rust sprayed with salty water. By doing this, the cars would 'pre-rust' just in time for them rolling out of the showroom. This processes saved Fiat 4.2 million Lira (about £2.39) per car and the money saved was ploughed into fucking up the electrical system to MG levels.

The Fiat Basque[edit]

The first generation Loyola Basque is similar to the Fiat Panda, except that Loyola ripped them off and recreate it as their own. Fiat threatened to sue their arses, but Loyola changed their design so they could make it look even more "better" than the FIAT Panda. The result is that they completely f***ed up the car during the process in 1993.

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