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Fields are wondrous creatures; they contain, they observe, they change, and apparently they produce strawberries. Under observation, one may come to see a field of vision but, running ahead, one may merely find strawberry fields forever.

The aimless and the beatniks amongst us may spend our entire lives wandering, never knowing our field. They are, however, always there, grazing on their own existence, diffracting and manipulating as their nature demands. The strawberries are, of course, tasty however you look at them.

At times it does not matter the field you come to fine. Whether there is but a field of dreams or a more real strawberry, or elysian field. Sometimes, all you really need is to get on track and field yourself with a new day.

Oh, and did I mention the strawberries?


It is a little known fact that fields were first developed by Chuck Norris in roughly 2000 BC. Over the next 4000ish years the cocept of fields was exported first to Greater Europa, and then to the brabarian lands of Eastasia, Oceania and Eurasia.

There is some anecdotal evidence that they may have once been used for 'farming', though modern fieldologists find that claim laughable.