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“She's a lovely woman, non?”

~ Pepe Le Pew on Fifi La Fume


Fifi La Fume is one of the sexiest cartoon characters of all time.'

She is voiced by Kath Soucie.

Childhood and Birth[edit]

Fifi la Fume was born on a sunny day in France, to a poor French couple. Her parents were Claude La Fume and Antoinette La Fume. Her mother, Antoinette was a dancer. Her parents raised her to be a strong woman.

Her parents raised her well. Fifi heard of a school called Acme Looniverity in the United States. She had dreams of becoming a great cartoon character like her idol, Pepe Le Pew. She finally begged her family to go even though it was clearly across the country. She left to go to Acme Acres to attend Acme Looniversity. She lived in the junkyard.

“Life in ze junkyard was difficult. I woke up everyday in a sea of filth. Old pizzas, rotten eggs. Life was also lonely. Nobody came to visit me.”

~ Fifi la fume on life in the junkyard


Fifi attended a poor boarding school when she was younger and eventually got enrolled at Acme Looniversiy.

Eventually, a realtiy tv show called Tiny Toons is a Looney Tunes type show with a younger cast. It was about school life in acme looniversity. The director, Steven Spielberg thought she would be a good cast member to the show.

“She was a pretty girl. With a little makeup she can be a real star!”

~ Steven Spielberg on Fifi La Fume
some of the cast members of the show tiny toons

Fifi is a female pepe le pew who chased boys. She also became friends with some of the regular cast members. Two of her close friends were Shirley the Loon and Babs Bunny, She hanged out with Shirley the Loon and Babs Bunny mostly doing girl stuff like talking to boys and going to parties to dance.

Her wealth spoiled her. She had a large collection of expensive perfumes. Sometimes she would smell bad because she would put too much perfume on.

Tiny Toons summer vacation was a full length movie. Her plot in the movie revolved around her getting a signature from her favorate skunk movie star Johnny Pew, who she eventally dumps him because he is a chauvenistic bastard who fell in love with another woman, Bimbette the Cat while he and Fifi were on a date.

One of her songs was "Where The Boys Are", which was recorded in 1991 as a single. The "Where The Boys Are" single got to the top of the music charts in 1992 with such hits like "Girls Wanna Have Fun", a remake of a popular song by Cyndi Lauper.


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