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Fire Fighters is a cartoon series developed by the mysterious 'Ben'. The series currently consists of 10 episodes including a Christmas Special.


The series tells the story of the evil Andrew the Midget who is jealous of the Fire Fighters and plots to kill them using various methods (usually an army of some sort.)

Episode List[edit]

  • Episode 0 The Untold Story - A prolouge to the main story.
  • Episdoe 1 The Big Fire - The Fire Fighters are called in to stop a fire and when they get there they find the Midget who wants to join to the Fire Fighters but the Fire Fighters don't want him to be a part of the team and tell him to clear off. After they put out the fire they get all the survivors. But then a portal to another dimension opens up and they get pulled into it where they meet Weebl and Bob. They believe them to be enemies and they use their Pie Cannon to try and kill them but they dodge the pie and the Fire Fighters believe that they are Gods and make friends with them. Suddenly the portal opens up again and they get sucked out back into the buildings. When they get out they find that the building is on fire again but this time the fire was started by the Midget who is told to leave by the Fire Fighters because it was against the rules for Fire Fighters. So the Midsget goes off to plot his revenge.
  • Episode 2 Return of the Midget - The Midget dedcides to clone himself so that he may kill the Fire Fighters. The Fire Fighters are stuck for a plan so they decide to pray at a shrine where the spirit of Weebl and Bob are. They find that Midgets can be killed by pie but they left the Pie Cannon in the other dimension but then it suddenly falls out the sky and the Fire Fighters start to set up for the battle and they start to fight. After they had destroyed half the army they had run out pies but in a nick of time a group of travelling Minis arch enemies of all Midgets come and help them to kill the remaining Midget clones but the Midget survived the battle but then a weird pod falls on top of him.
  • Episode 3 Attack of the Evil Condoms - The Midget was mutated into a Condom and uses his new powers to try and kill everyone in the world by cloning himself (again) but the Fire Fighters find that the condoms pop when laughed at. They try and lure the Condoms to a confined area but cannot find any and when an event which the Fire fighters had tickets for is cancelled they get angry and with the help of the Hyper Mega Megaphone and the new Fire Fighter Powwow they destroy the condoms and the Midget reverts back to normal.
  • Episode 4 Invasion of the Turd Monsters - The Condoms had mixed with sewage water and evolved into Turd Monsters which were threating to turn the world into mini turds and the Fire Fighters are backed into a corner and are also trying to find a new Fire Fighter to help them. When they hire new Fire Fighter Steele they visit the shrine and find out they have to break into Area 51 and steal an I.T.P.M (Intergalactic Toilet Paper Missile) to destroy the Turd Monsters . When they they suceed by using a teleporter and launch the I.T.P.M it at the Turds wiping them off the face of the planet and taking the Midget with it into outerspace.
  • Episode 5 Homosexuals from Outer Space - The Midget returns from Outer Space with an army of Homosexuals and kills Mini Mouse. This causes the Fire Fighters to give up to make sure that no other Fire Fighters get killed but this leaves them powerless to stop any of the Homosexuals as they go their killing spree. One of the people killed is Euan Coooles which makes head Homosexual Jac-Jac ask the Midget what his plan is and the Midget tells him it's to kill everyone in the world which causes Jac-Jac to leave. Then the Fire Fighters start to get bored but they can't combat the Midget but then they decide to use R.C.D's (Remote Controlled Dildos) to lure the Homosexuals into a rocket. The Midget tries to stop them but as the rocket launches he gets blown away.
  • Episode 6 The Lepers in Ward 49 - The Midget was blown into a Leper Ward and managed to convince the three Lepers who lived there to come with him and attack the Fire Fighters. The Fire Fighters meet up with the Midget and Powwow instantly falls in love with GL the only female Leper but then the Fighters bring out their weapons and open fire but all their shots miss and just as they're about to fire again Jac-Jac the Homosexual comes in saves them and Powwow tries to follow but get's shot by Alex's leprecy inducing laser and catches leprecy. But then GL and Belcher defect to the Fire Fighters and manage to break into the Midgets base and Belcher goes off to battle the only remaining bad Leper Lubu but gets killed and it turns out him and GL had been dating which broke Powwow's heart. Meanwhile the Midget, Jac-Jac and Lubu had run off to the circus.
  • Episode 7 Spasms, Spasms and more Spasms - The Midget, Jac-Jac and Lubu have been living in the circus for twenty years and have finally managed to gather enough money to fulfil the midget's master plan. Meanwhile the Fire Fighters have been unemployed but are telephoned by the Mayor to sort out a gang riot. The Midget is now at the Circus Shop trying to buy a Spasm but outside the gang riot goes on and two of them get shot and the Midget gets the last one Bes. Outside Mini Chris has sorted out the riot and hears the Midget and goes to investigate but gets attacked by Bes. The rest of the Fire Fighters have started to get worried but Mini Chris turns up but he had been brainshed by the Bes who had stuck his tooth in his head and injected toxins into his brain. Then the battle is started and GL cuts of Mini Chris' head and the Midget leaves saying something about Christmas.
  • Episode 8 When Santa Claus goes Bad - The Fire Fighters are in their base talking with the Head Fire Fighter who tells them to continue looking for the Midget. But meanwhile the Midget is trying to get to the North Pole but can only work his way to Poland and from there they have to hitchhike. Suddenly the Fire Fighters get a phone call telling them to go to the North Pole. At the North Pole the Midget keeps hearing voices and so he decides to destroy the North Pole (the red and white pole) and inside they find the elves and capture them. But then the Fire Fighters arrive and find a solitary elf who tells them that the Midget had brainwashed Santa Claus and then they find out that he had given weapons to all the toddlers in the world. So the Fire Fighters send Steele off to stop them but he is followed by Lubu. At a nursery full of toddlers Lubu and Steele start to fight and Steele gets shot by the toddlersa and both he and Lubu die. Then the Midget appears to the Fire Fighters and tells them that Steele is dead and that they must battle Santa Claus. GL fights him and chops his head off and the Midget runs away. The elves then the elves bring out the Elixer of Life top bring Santa back to life but Alex trips over Santa's body and pours it on the Fat Guy's grave who comes back to life who then eats all the elves and explodes from over eating. So the Fire Fighters are left to save Christmas.
  • Episode 9 The Midget's Last Stand - The Midget's Last Stand begins with the Fire Fighters after they have saved Christmas. Suddenly a sack of presents drops from the sky delivering the Fire Fighters some Christmas presents. Soon after the Head Fire Fighter appears again and tells the Fire Fighters that the Midget has been found and appears to be inventing some new inventions. The action switches to the Midgets new base where he is revealing his new inventions to his minions Bes and Jac-Jac. The main invention that is shown is a Time Machine which the Midget hopes to use to change history. Just then the Fire Fighters arrive but too late to see the Midget disappearing in the Time Machine. Then randomly a portal opens up before the Fire Fighters which they decide to go into despite previous experiences with the portals. The next scene shows the Midget in the past during episode 1 of the series where he uses his new portal creating device to open the portal to the other dimension. The Fire Fighters who arrive once more too late find the Midget left behind the portal device and use it to also travel into the other dimension where they find themselves watching the events from the past but with the help of the portal are able to free themselves and their past selves from the other dimension but not before they pick up the Pie Cannon. The action is then brought to the midget who is looking for a new sidekick to replace Lubu and comes across Crazy Guy (Episode 1: The Big Fire) but upon being reminded of his dead wife he promptly commits suicide leaving the Midget to once more traverse time.

The next scene shows the Fire Fighters appearing in the interior of a U.F.O where they hear the Midget in another room. Upon finding the Midget the Fire Fighters intend to use the Pie Cannon to kill the Midget once and for all but the Midget simply threw the Pie Cannon and revealed that he would use one of his inventions to stay a Condom forever and they travel forwards in time to make the Midget stays a Condom forever but upon ejecting it, it is found out that they were in the wrong time era and that Midget was the one who had turned himself into the Condom in the first place. Whilst the Midget shouts at his sidekicks the Fire Fighters decide to use the Time Machine for there own purposes which results in the U.F.O crashing into the Planet of the Homo’s knocking the people in the U.F.O Out but causing the past Midget to hijack the U.F.O and travel back to Earth. Once everyone has woken up the Midget manages to trick the Fire Fighters into letting him leave in the Time Machine. Upon escaping the Midget escapes back to the time period of episode 6 and manages to send a gift to the Fire Fighters which contain the lasers which caused Powwow to become a leper. The Midget then continues to mess around in that Time Era by fiddling around with the DIY Transporter so that it transports the past Fire Fighters to the Midget’s old base. Once more the Midget travels through time to the Time Era of episode 7 where he provokes a gang war between the West Side and the East Side before going back to the Time Machine and going through time (again). It’s at this point that the Fire Fighters are able to catch up with the Midget using the Portal Device they stole and go catch the Midget. When they do find the Midget he is getting ready to ruin Christmas again for the second time but just in time the Fire Fighters capture the Midget as the Time Machine has run out of power and the Fire Fighters proceed to lock him in the Time Machine. Now that the Midget has been captured the Fire Fighters decide to change the past even more by burying Fat Guy at the North Pole and alerting the Past Fire Fighters to the fact that the Past Midget is attacking the North Pole. Upon returning the Fire Fighters find the Midget has gotten out and upon getting out of the Time Machine proceeds to shoot Alex. The next scene shows Alex in the afterlife where he meets up with all the people who have died during the series and at the end of the tour he meets Santa Claus who gives Alex a sack of presents. After that Alex begins to feel funny and gets taken back to the world of the living where Alex finds out that G.L has been kidnapped by the Midget and that the sack contains the presents that the Fire Fighters were given at the beginning of the episode and a battery for the Time Machine. The episode ends with the Fire Fighters vowing to get G.L back no matter what…

== Episolde 10 Return of the condoms

The Midget has invented a new type of condoms calle Sabercondoms and is testing it on a guinea pig-GL.As he was about to test it, the firefighters burst into his hideout. The condom made contact with GL and she was pregnant . The Midget escaped by diskuise(spelt wrongly on purporse) as a Scout Trooperbut was slayed by Luke Skywalker.


Midgets Armies[edit]

The Midgets armies have consisted of:

  • Army of Midgets (episode 2)
  • Army of Condoms (episode 3)
  • Army of Turd-Monsters (episode 4)
  • Army of Homo-Sexuals (episode 5)
  • Three Lepers (episode 6)
  • One Spastic Person (episode 7)
  • Saanta Claus (episode 8)

The Midget has also manged to find Generals for his army although these 'armies' never last more than one episode. But these Generals are:

  • Jac-Jac the Homo-Sexual (introduced episode 5)
  • Lubu the Leper (introduced episode 6)
  • Bes the Spastic Person (introduced episode 7)

Fire Fighters[edit]

While the Midget has these unfair advantages the Fire Fighters find it easy to employ help to help them to destroy the Midget:

  • Ben - One of the originalFire Fighters and the leader of the Fire Fighters(introduced episode 1)
  • Alex - One of the original Fire Fighters and second in command (introduced episode 1)
  • Mini May - One of the Five Mini's the mortal enemy of all Midgets (introduced episode 2)
  • Mini Chode - One of the Five Mini's the mortal enemy of all Midgets (introduced episode 2)
  • Mini Mouse - One of the Five Mini's the mortal enemy of all Midgets. Loves cheese (introduced episode 2) (dies episode 5)
  • Mini Chris - One of the Five Mini's the mortal enemy of all Midgets (introduced episode 2) (dies episode 7)
  • Powwow - The Five Mini's best friend. Obsessed with his fuzzy hair (introduced episode 3)
  • Steele - Replacement for Mini Bubbles (introduced episode 4)
  • Belcher - Leper who defaulted to Fire Fighters (introduced episode 7) (dies episode 7)
  • GL - Leper who defaulted to Fire Fighters. Married to Powwow (introduced episode 7)

Minor Characters[edit]

Most of these characters only appear in one episode. Characters with this symbol ~ do not not appear again.

  • The Mayor - The head of the town the Fire Station is based in (introduced episode 0) (Heard on phone episode 7)
  • Fat Guy - He's FAT! (introduced episode 1) (dies between episodes 1+2) (brought back to life episode 8) (dies (again) episode 8)
  • Crazy Guy - Crazy (introduced episode 1) (dies between episodes 1+2)
  • Crazy Guy's Wife - Crazy. Married to Crazy Guy (introduced episode 1) (dies episode 1)
  • Weebl and Bob - Two eggs form another cartoon (introduced episode 1) (die episode 1) (come back as spirits episode 2+4)
  • Mini Bubbles - One of the Five Mini's the mortal enemy of all Midgets (introduced episode 2) (dies episode 2)
  • Chris Cull - Fire Fighters secretary (introduced episode 3) (dies episode 3)
  • Euan Cooles - A homosexual from planet earth and the Fire Fighters secretary (introduced episode 5) (dies episode 5)
  • Conker the Squirrel - Plays a baby belonging to Powwow and GL. From the popular video game (introduced episode 7)
  • Head Fire Fighter - The head of the Fire Fighters was once a field agent before retiring to get a desk job (introduced episode 8)
  • ~ Pizza Dude - Works at the local Pizza restaurant (introduced episode 0)
  • ~ Psychic Tester - A psychic tester (introduced episode 2)
  • ~ Guy at E3 - Guy at E3 (introduced episode 3)
  • ~ Superted - Appears in a short section because of censors (introduced episode 6)
  • ~ Chinese Monkey - Appears in a short section because of censors (introduced episode 6)
  • ~ C-3PO - Appears in a short section because of censors (introduced episode 6)
  • ~ Shadey Guy - A person from the Black Market (introduced episode 7)
  • ~ Woman from the Circus Store - Woman from the Circus Store (intorduced episdode 7)
  • ~ East and West Side - Rival gangs (introduced episode 7)
  • ~ Two Spasms - Two spasms (introduced episode 7) (die episode 7)
  • ~ Elves - Servants of Santa Claus (introduced episode 8) (forced into extinction episode 8)
  • ~ George Bush - President of the United States (introduced episode 8) (blew up episode 8)
  • ~ Toddlers - All the toddlers of Earth (introduced episode 8)
  • ~ Santa Claus - The one the only Father Christmas (introduced episode 8) (dies episode 8)

Inventions in Fire Fighters[edit]

  • Fire Truck
  • Pie Cannon
  • Clone - O - Matic 2000
  • Transporter
  • I.T.P.M (Intergalactic Toilet Paper Misille
  • R.C.D (Remote Controlled Dildo)
  • Lasers
  • D.I.Y Transporter
  • Modified Fire Truck
  • Condom Pod
  • Portal Creating Device
  • U.F.O
  • Time Machine
  • Explosion